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Dell Laptop Battery Plugged In Not Charging

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I had the common problem of charger being plugged in but not charging, I tried all the reboot and tapping the power button etc, etc… None worked, so as long as the computer worked when plugged in I carried on, until now. It has completely died on me now, so help…


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  1. This worked for me (last night as it happens).Found it on another forum.Was down to 8% on my spare battery so tried it as a last attempt.Totally gobsmacked that this worked.Anyway here goes.
    1. turn off laptop and close it when it’s shutdown
    2.unplug AC adapter
    3.remove battery
    4.close laptop
    5.replace AC adapter and open laptop
    6.Turn on and let it fully boot up
    7.perform normal shutdown
    8.when shutdown close laptop
    9.unplug AC adapter
    10.replace battery
    11.replace AC adapter up laptop and start up as normal
    Good luck

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