Confused on Port Forwarding/Static IP

November 17, 2010 at 09:09:54
Specs: Windows Vista

I am trying to view our security cameras that we have installed at our restatuarnt from home. I can view the cameras online at the restaurant, but not at other locations.
The router we are using is a WESTELL model number A90-750015-07

Verizon is our service provider. I have called them so many times, and they can't get it to work. How do I get a STATIC IP address? How can I view from home... any suggestions are greatly appreciated

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November 17, 2010 at 11:07:23
What are the cameras connected to?
A DVR or are they ip cameras?
If ip cameras how are they getting their ip addresses?

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November 18, 2010 at 15:05:33
Does your ISP give you a static or dynamic IP address? My guess is it is a dynamic address. Is that right? When you have a dynamic IP address provided to you by the ISP it changes often so even if you knew what your IP address was at the restaurant and you used that remotely by that time it might have changed to something else. When you say you can access the camera online at the restaurant I assume that the camera is on the same LAN as the computer you are using to access it. Is that right? I am not familiar with your router or camera but can say that most IP cameras have a feature that allows you to use a dynamic DNS service. You can get a free host at and then use that to get around the you have a dynamic IP address. You will also need to look at your router settings and see if it has a facility to use a Dynamic DNS Service. As far as the router goes you need to ensure that the firewall does not block access to the ports that the camera is using. To do this you need to look at Firewall rules to set up the right outbound and inbound service. Also on the router you need to look at port forwarding to make sure that the right ports are open. For IP cameras typically port 80 & 81 are required. The service you need is likely to be of the type TCP/UDP. If all else fails read the manual that came with the camera. There should be an install wizard that explains all of it. During install of the camera a local IP address is assigned to it. It might be something like IF you interrogate your router and look at attached devices you should be able to determine what IP address has been assigned to the camera. If you enter the camera IP address in the address window in your internet browser after the "http://" and hit enter you should be able to see your camera. Good luck. I think you need to read up about dynamic/static IP addresses and become familiar with the router settings and pay particular attention to the set up info that came with the camera and look at a dynamic DNS service like the one I mentioned above.

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