Computer won't start, fans come on but screen is off

April 21, 2017 at 21:24:20
Specs: Windows XP
Hi guys. So yesterday I put my desktop pc to standby mode. Today I tried to turn it back on but nothing happened. I then turned it off at the switch at the back and tried to boot it up but nothing happened. The fans run, the lights come on, the hard drive begins to spin but the screen stays in sleep mode. It will not switch off when I hold the on/off switch down (even after 30 seconds). The only way to switch it off is to either unplug the supply cable or by flipping the switch to the off position at the back of the pc.

Since I have opened up the pc, I took out the cmos battery for about 30 minutes and put it back but it did the same thing. Then I took out the ram card and cleaned it with an eraser and tried it again in alternative slots but still the same thing happened when I tried to boot it up. The screen stays in sleep mode. Lastly I tried reseting the bios again by taking out the batteru again and also jumping the "clear cmos" pins but still the same. I have noticed that even before booting the pc, as soon as I plug the monitor into the tower slot it goes into sleep mode, but when I take it out then the monitor light turns green and obviously gives the reading no "no signal" on the screen. As soon as I plug it back into the tower slot the light turns yellow and it seems to go into sleep mode.

Could it be the motherboard graphics card issue (as I don't have another graphics card)?
Or could it possibly be the hard drive? Though I doubt that as it sounds fine.
Or could it be the mother board?

Sigh... Any info would be appreciated, thanks im advance!

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April 22, 2017 at 01:17:56
You didn't say whether or not you're currently running your monitor off the on-board GPU or off a PCI/PCIe GPU.

It could be a GPU issue and the only way to check for that is to try an alternative GPU (try and borrow one to avoid having to buy one at this stage, or buy a cheap one just for testing purposes).

You really need to establish if the existing GPU is faulty by trying another one before moving on to other possible causes.

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April 22, 2017 at 07:02:34
Please let us know which OS you're running. You posted in the Vista forum but listed XP in the specs. Also, please post the make/model of the computer.

"I took out the cmos battery for about 30 minutes and put it back but it did the same thing"

I don't know why this is thought to be some sort of "magic fix". By resetting the BIOS, you lose all customization that may be needed for the computer to run properly. BTW, it only takes seconds to clear, not minutes, but the power cord MUST be unplugged.

Did your desktop normally emit a single beep at startup? What about now - no beep or multiple beeps? Did you try booting without RAM in the slots? Assuming there's a PC speaker connected to the board, it should beep like crazy with no RAM present. Give it a try. Beeping would be a good thing; no beeping likely means a major hardware failure.

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April 24, 2017 at 17:30:19
" (as I don't have another graphics card)"
To test, take it out & use the onboard video.

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