Computer locks up and the screen garbles?

January 5, 2011 at 01:26:38
Specs: Windows Vista
Not sure how to describe this properly, so please be patient with me. I'm not as good with all the computer lingo and whatnot.
Ok, the problem. For some reason my computer is having CONSTANT trouble every single day. I can be doing whatever, minding my own business, when the computer locks up, any and all programs quit responding. Sometimes, everything is fine and only takes a few minutes to get going again, which is still pretty irritating. Most of the time though, everything locks up and then finally, the mouse even locks and then the screen goes all frazzled and is a total mess, kinda like nasty reception on a tv. The computer ceases to work and has to be forced to shut down. I can get it back up and running, though sometimes warning me that it can't find the operating system, though that's pretty rare.
This has been annoying me for months. I've thought it was due to viruses, but even with this computer clean, it still does this. I've thought it was due to overloaded hard drive, but it's nowhere near full. It seems to do this at least twice every single day and I've had bad luck with trying new computers these days. Can ANYONE offer ANY assistance? Parents swear it's virus, but I almost think that's just a quick write-off. Best friend hasn't a clue. If I need to give anything more, I will. I have been running anti-virus stuff on and off and it's STILL clean.

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June 4, 2011 at 19:54:51
Was having same problem so I uninstalled IE9 and reverted back to 8, now it works fine although I am sure there are some security issues that I haven't looked for yet. If interested, google remove IE9 and it will take you step by step through uninstall.

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