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Computer freezes - new hard drive

Hewlett-packard Pavilion media center m8...
October 3, 2010 at 21:29:35
Specs: Windows Vista, Ram 5 Gb
I have an HP Pavilion m8530f. Okay, my hard drive died on me. It was a Seagate 750 Gb hard drive. All attempts at recovery failed.

So I bought a new hard drive. A Seagate 1000 Gb hard drive 7200 rpm 32 Mb cache. I installed it per instruction. Ran my recovery disks and everything appeared to be working beautifully. Until I left the computer alone for a while. I'd guess maybe an hour. I came back and my computer monitor was dark as though it had gone dormant or gone to screen-saver.

I noted that the num-lock light on my keyboard was not on. So I wiggled the mouse, punched a couple keys, turned the monitor off and on. No dice. So I shut the computer down and restarted. I turned off my screen-saver on the off-chance that was the problem. And same thing. It worked beautifully...until I left it alone for a while. A couple of hours definitely this time. Came back. Screen is dark. Keyboard's num-lock has gone dark. Light on the tower is on. And no amount of mouse-work or key-work will wake it up.

I really have no idea what's going on and thought I'd post here in case someone can help me figure this out. Help?

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October 3, 2010 at 23:43:24
I've continued experimenting since my first post. The issue seemingly centers around the computer's "sleep" mode. It seems the computer has a problem waking up again. In an effort to determine if it was the sleep mode at issue, I manually put the computer into sleep mode. The num-lock light on my keyboard went dark, the monitor went dead and the light on the tower turned orange.

Of note, when noting the original problem...the light remained its customary blue.

Anyway, having manually put the computer in sleep mode...I attempted to wake it up via the usual methods. Keyboard. Mouse. I even tried pressing the power button briefly as one of the on-line help boards said I should in order to wake a computer from sleep.

In response to the first key-stroke, the tower's light turned blue as though it was activating but the keyboard and monitor both remained dead.

Anyone have theories as to why my sleep mode is causing such a problem?


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October 8, 2010 at 19:56:35
you have a this problem that may cause your window look freezing,i'll suggest you scan your pc using anti virus that support your pc and restart again your pc.some of this may cause of incoming pop up other website that you ever visit that are cause your ip been capture in their system. beware when you visit some of this website and other symptoms that cause your pc look freezing or hang up a while may cause system was in bad crashing and many other factor our pc become unstable seek some help or you want reboot again and clean up all this file like brand new.

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