Solved Computer freezes complitely !

June 8, 2013 at 05:51:52
Specs: Windows Vista, Amd phenom 9550 / 8 gt
My parents Acer aspire randomly freezes when surfing on Internet or playing some games.
When the computer freezes nothing happens(ctrl+alt+Del or Num loc wont work)
only way proceed is to shut down the computer complitely. Also the computer wont turn on from power button so i have to remove power cord from plug and put it back to make power button work.

I think that is hardware/OS problem, but i dont know what type of.
My father told me that the computer keeps now much quieter noise when it´s on. So could a one of the fans be broken and thus causing overheating? So do you know what the problem might be or some tool what i could use to identify the problem?

ps. When the computer freezes it doesnt probably have enough time to create error an report, because i haven´t found any.
pss. When asking my parents about the problem i found out that the freezing happened mostly when playing online games.

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June 8, 2013 at 07:11:14
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From your description of the problem it does seem that the computer is overheating, especially if:

It makes less noise than it used to do (a fan which has stopped working would account for that).

It happens mostly when playing games (playing games is especially resource-intensive which generates more heat than normal use).

A visual investigation is required to confirm whether or not a fan has "died" and needs replacing.

If it's a PC, it may also need a thorough clean-out with a compressed air can to shift all the accumulated dust and dirt which prevents efficient cooling and, in really bad cases, can even stop a fan working.

If it's a laptop, likewise make sure all the external vents are clear.

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June 8, 2013 at 07:12:16
You didn't list the make/model of the computer or the specs. If it has a Phenom 9550, it's defintely an older model. These questions should give you an idea what what you need to do:

- when's the last time you opened the case & blew the dust out of it? Especially the CPU heatsink & cooling fan?
- did you enter the BIOS & check the CPU temp or install monitoring software so that you can check for overheating?
- have you run memtest86 to check for RAM errors?
- have you disabled the auto-restart feature so that an error message will be displayed rather than a restart or shutdown?

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June 8, 2013 at 11:09:52
It have probably never been cleaned up so i shall do it tomorrow and if it doesn´t do the trick i´ll check cpu temp and buy a new fan to it. -thanks for answers

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