Can't uninstall Office 2003 Pro

Microsoft Windows 98se
September 15, 2009 at 01:03:23
Specs: Windows Vista, 1 Gig RAM
Hi all.

A few weeks ago I purchased a second hand laptop that was loaded with Vista Premium and had Office 2003 Pro installed.

The other day I had to write a document and so I opened Word.

No sooner had I started using Word when I am presented with a nag box that told me that it is an illegal copy, but after I close that box it seems to work O.K.

So I decided to do the right thing and uninstall Office 2003 a pigs ear!

Office 2003 Pro does not have it's own uninstall function.

Windows Vista Add/Remove will not remove it either.

I also tried to remove it in Safe Mode only to be told that the something or other removal (tool?) is missing.

It does not matter what I try, I can not uninstall it.

Since then I have searched the Web to get answers and during that search I found that the key used for this program had been blacklisted by Microsoft as it is the most used pirated key....... Great, I am now stuck with this illegal copy!

Any suggestion?


Thinking hurts my head that's why I live in West Australia

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September 15, 2009 at 02:16:42
Here is a Office 2003 Uninstaller

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September 15, 2009 at 04:20:30
Thanks Syzygy

I will give it a go in the next few days as time permits.

I will get back to you with the results either way.


Thinking hurts my head that's why I live in West Australia

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September 17, 2009 at 00:47:08
Hi there Syzygy.

Well I downloaded at your suggested site and installed the Resources kit (or whatever you call it) and after it was installed I tried to use it to un-install Office 2003 Pro using the uninstall wizard.

Three times the process went as far as a window labeled "performing clean up task" and each time the progress bar only went to about 1/4 distance before the program froze.

So I loaded the wizard and tried for partial un- install of anything and every thing. Again each time it only went to about 1/4.

The next thing that I did was to close the Resources program and try for an Add/Remove from Vista it's self, and would you believe, it worked a treat.

So it looks like whatever file was missing from the Vista uninstaller had now been replaced by the installation of the Resources kit.

So I guess I will have to mark your advice as being a good one (if I do not stuff it up again).

Thanks very much.


Thinking hurts my head that's why I live in West Australia

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