cant dlt partition-- folder castle

Dell XPS M1710
January 18, 2009 at 11:37:25
Specs: Windows Vista, 2GHz/4GB
Ok, i had some buisness info on my laptop i wanted secure so I dled the trial version of Folder Castle to see if it was worth the money.

Install went fine, opened the program and used the programs HIDE feature to hide the folder.

The program also alows u to partition a "Secure Storage" which I did 52GB out my 140GB remaining on my HDD. It did its thing and i has 52GB less on my total drive space and had another partition Drive Z. I noticed it wasnt big enough for my folder so I used the programs feature to delete it. I unmounted it, and destroyed (deleted) it using the program(the only way to delete it is to use the program). But after i clicked destroy, I didnt get back my 52GB on my overall remaining space, but the drive Z isn't visible anymore.

So i figured I just needed to restart it and all would be good....WRONG! Restarted, my norton, mouse, among other startup programs somehow got deleted from startup and now cannot get them to startup again. And STILL there is 52GB missing from my drive(like the partition is still there but not visible). I go to use the program folder castle again to try and delete it again and its gone....missing.....pooof! The folder for the program is still there but noting installed, not even under "unistall programs"
So !?!?!

I reinstalled it, but NOTING goes into the folder and the destination is the program files> folder....restarted and same thing.

HAPPEND! My folder is still hidden! and im missing 52GB on my HDD HELP!!!

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January 18, 2009 at 15:11:47
Unhide "Hidden Folders" in File View and see if it is there.

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January 19, 2009 at 15:45:32
I tried that....can only unhide with the program that hide it. And for some odd reason everytime i install the dosnt install!

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