BSOD STOP: 0x000000A5 Can't boot HP laptop

May 22, 2010 at 02:28:47
Specs: Windows Vista
Hello all

I have my HP NoteBook

I had a BSOD many times, but, I used to recover my PC to it's factory setting using HP recovery manager, and it used to work good

This Time, I get a BSOD, and I try to press F11 to recover the PC, but pressing the F11 Key is not working, and I got no recovery disk.

Now for the BSOD error
It's like this (in short) :

The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant. Please contact ......

Techincal Information :
*** STOP : 0x000000A5 (0x00000011, 0x00000007, 0xF799B2F21, 0x20061109)

Now, as for the STOP : 0x000000A5 I - I was advised to press F7 key when the installtion actually asks to press F6 key, I did that, but then the installtion is not able to find my HDD.

I tried to install, XP SP2, XP SP3, Win Vista, Win 7 The problem is the same with all of them.

I looked up a bios update for my PC on HP web site, I found a newer one, but the problem is that I can't update it cause apperantly I can't get to boot my PC, and updating the BIOS requires to have a (healthy) system installed on the PC.

I also tried to detect my HDD on Hiren's BOOT CD, Partition Magic 5.8 said the partition table is incorrect, while Acronis Disk Director said it was ok.

I have already replaced my RAM & HDD, the problem is still the same

Any Advice, thx.

oh, yes, if anyone knows how I can update my BIOS through DOS, then please tell me how ...

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May 23, 2010 at 10:17:20

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May 31, 2010 at 07:18:26
Hi, Thanks for your replay, I didn't replay before because I was trying your suggestion, but it didn't work ..

I just fixed the laptop, two days ago, and here's how I did it

First, I thought alot about the problem, and apperantly, the laptop was not able to find an attached hard drive, I know that cause when I pluged a USB Flash Disk, the BSOD didn't show up, and the installtion was able to find the USB Flash disk, but, not the HDD ..

So, I went to my LapTop Drivers page on
I found a drive for my storage device (HDD).
The problem is that I can't install it, since it is an extension of .exe ...
So, I used another computer to unpack the drive package, when you unpack it, you will find many files, and two folders.
The two folders are your target, you should choose a folder according to your OS insatalltion, folder names are "32" "64", so apperantly you should choose the "32" folder if you are installing a 32-bit OS, now, I copied the folder "32" to my USB Flash Disk, and then I plugged it to my LapTop, during the installtion, you will be asked to choose the HDD & Partiotion you want to install your OS on

That would be tough as your LapTop can't find your attahced HDD, but, on the very same step, you'll find a "Load Drivers" button, click it, then click "Browse", then select the "32" Folder that you already have on your USB Flash Disk, the system will analyze the folder and suggest you one drive out of many, select that drive and click next, the system will install the drive, now go back to the step where the OS installtion asks you where you want your installtion to be, and BINGO, your system now can find the HDD that was missing .. now all you have to do is to continue your installtion as usual ... the problem is solved once & for all ..

Just another problem I had, as I fixed the problem I realized that I don't have recovery disk, which means that I don't have an orginal system as before ..

well, solved that as well, you can do it like this :
Download "the same copy" of your previous windows, means, if you had a WINDOWS VISTA HOME BASIC, then you should download WINDOWS VISTA HOME BASIC
Burn that copy of windows to a DVD .. install windows like normal, once you are on your desktop, take just 1 minute to activate the copy online, you should use your previous system product code, which you can find on a "MICROSOFT STICKER", found usually on the back of your HP LapTop

for more information, or questions, Email me :
the subject must be (BSOD) or you might just not get an answer

CHEERS, and thanks for "XpUser4Real" for his answer, I just wanna say to you, that your link was helpfull to me with other problems

Nothing is impossible, if you never gave up. :)

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