AAAAHHH!!! HELP!!! Computer won't boot!!!!!!!

June 29, 2011 at 10:22:01
Specs: Windows Vista
rr1Err3. It's like the black screen of death instead of the blue screen of death. Unfortunately I think my brother (who always fixes my computer) advised me last time to throw away my recovery disc that came with the computer. Now I can't even get into Vista to try and restore my default. I'm pretty sure this all stemmed from a Twitter spam. Dammit. It was making the usual loud, high-pitched noise and I was able to restart and tried running a restore but I wasn't able to finish. Now I'm stuck and I can't get beyond the Esc-Boot screen or System Recovery. The error message is rr1Err3 every time. I'm using another computer to post to this message board. Any ideas?

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June 29, 2011 at 13:25:24
Give your brother a good slap for a start (why did he suggest throwing away the recovery disk???)

Anyway, can you get to the 'safe mode' screen? (tap F8 as the computer is booting) & is there an option to 'repair my computer'? - if so try that. If not, do a Google for 'Vista Recovery Disk' - there were a couple of sites that had the iso for this - it's a disk you can boot from & fix start-up problems.

Unfortunately I can't find out a lot about the error message you're getting. I take it that the 'System Recovery' you mention is not an option? If you need to recover data beforehand then a live Linux disk (Ubuntu or Kaspersky Rescue) are good options, then, depending on the make of your computer - whether it's an OEM system, for example, then a reinstall may be the simplest option.

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June 29, 2011 at 19:09:32
Hahaha, well...apparently we had a misunderstanding about the recovery disc. And I know where I went wrong; I DIDN'T LISTEN TO THE VOICE IN MY HEAD TELLING ME TO KEEP THE DISC! And he said he didn't tell me to throw it away, ergo I probs took what he said too literally about the disc. =P

Anywhooo....I took it to his house and he's running a standalone system sweeper. It should be under control. He'll probably have it fixed after work tmrw. I just wanted to try and do it myself. I know a lot of software programs and he's taught me how to fix many things with my computer, but I'm still learning how to repair and fix these more serious problems on my own.

Thanks for the help and I'll post the results! =)

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