Here are boot disks for NT 3.51!

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April 8, 2010 at 22:03:09
Specs: Microsoft Windows NT 3.51, 2.4 GHz / 1022 MB
Moderators: this could be good material to archive in case someone needs these disks in the future, or maybe mark this post "sticky":

I found a link that has the boot disks for Windows NT 3.51.

Scroll to the last few links on the page and voila there are the boot disks needed to install NT 3.51!

The first disk is 669KB, the second disk is 532KB, and the last disk is 610KB.

Follow the instructions on each page, as you need to create them using the command prompt.

These particular files (according the the site):"BIOS and Boot Disk Files:

"*By double clicking on the .exe file, some files will automatically install the necessary components to a floppy disk.

Other files will require you to go to a DOS Prompt and complete one of the following steps: *After downloading the file, go to a DOS prompt that corresponds to the directory you copied the file to and type FILENAME /S A:, where FILENAME is the file you have downloaded. The file will then extract to your floppy drive (A:). If using NT the forcedos may be required; example "forcedos C:\WINNT\Profiles\username\Desktop\95boot24.exe /s a:"

*After downloading the file, to extract them to a floppy disk with their directory structure intact, type FILENAME A: -D, where FILENAME is the actual name of the file you have downloaded."

I used to be able to access them on MPC Corp's website but they went bankrupt and the archived page doesn't have the proper files. Even pulling up the archived page will only let you download "binary" 4KB files, dunno what that is all about.

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April 9, 2010 at 06:06:06
Thank you for this... A wee while back there was someone who posted here looking for these... But I don't think anyone managed to help him secure them?

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