Trying to get a Compaq Presario 5000 onto ...

August 29, 2010 at 13:16:50
Specs: windows me, ? idk
I am trying to get my old compaq presario 5000 desktop pc hooked up to the internet for my nephew.

It is currently running on Windows millenium Me edition. I have my cable hooked up from it to a router which is hooked up with one other wired pc and 1 wireless.

It seems that i am having to connect with dial-up? Since i have a Motorola "surfboard" cable modem i cant connect with dial-up.

Anybody have any suggestions on getting this pc up and running on the net without having to buy anything?

also I will be checking in on this forum 3 hours from now and everyday at 3pm and 9pm eastern standard time everyday until i can get this problem resolved.

Ty in advance ^.^

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August 30, 2010 at 08:08:15
If you have an Ethernet RJ45 Cable from Router to the PC, you need to run the "New Connection Wizard" and choose Local Area Connection"

This is assuming the drivers for the Network Card/Chip have been installed...

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August 30, 2010 at 09:12:49
mmm If you already have a couple of PCs - one wifi and one cat-5 connection this "ought" to be almost self-activating when connected via a cat-5 cable to the router. This apart from a couple of settings within the properties for your NIC...

Presumably you have a standard (straight through - not cross-over) cable from PC to router.

Also the drivers are correctly installed for the NIC (Network Interface Card) in the PC?

If you go into Control-panel and look via the icon etc. "system\hardware\device-manager - is the NIC displayed there; and no yellow exclamation icon next to it?

If a yellow " ! " next to it... likely no drivers installed; or it's not configured correctly?

is the source for the pdf. for the manual for your router. Have a read - especially forward and from the section: "cabling the lan."

If using Internet Explorer.. check in Tools\Internet-options\connections tab to see what is ticked as your connection... - dial-up or "never dial a connection..."

Typically it's never dial a connection when using a dsl/broadband connection (be it cable or phone-line service)

Although if system is correctly setup even with dial-up ticked... you ought to be able to get on via the router; and thus leave the dial-up modem "off (disabled/disconnected etc...)"

Generally one allows the router to assign ip addresses; thus you make use of the DHCP server apsect of the router; and let it assign ip addresses. Your NIC is thus configured to use DHCP to retrieve its ip addres using the DHCP server.

As you have one PC working via a cat-5 connection already, you could use that as a model to compare settings between that working model and the problem PC?

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August 30, 2010 at 09:20:25
Just checked details of the router to which I refered you for a pdf... If yours is that model or similar... then it has but one cat-5 port...; and this is already in use with one PC? If this is the case... thenyou need either to use wifi for the additional PC; or obtain an add-on router...

I personally tend to avoid wifi unless absolutely no other option...; cat-5 is faster, and I suggest generally more secure too...

So what model router do you have - actual model number etc. is obviously important here?

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September 4, 2010 at 13:50:42
ok sorry about the late replys turned out my internet was about to expire and had to repay the bill, but i had alrdy spent my money and had to get more for the net.

it is a belkin N+ router it has wireless and 3 extra jacks on the back for wires.
as for the rest of what you said i am about to go look.

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September 4, 2010 at 14:16:19
well i just found out that the internet jack in the back is broken so im going to go get my other old pc and drag it out and try to get it up.

i might be back on this thread for help with it cuz i am not good at networking lol

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September 4, 2010 at 14:28:03
ok so i found out why i had this thing put into the clostet .
when it comes on u can here a ticking like a loud ticking noise coming from the drive. and aside from that it comes up on a black screen and tells me

"operating system not found on any devices. press key to try again"

by instinct i tried again a couple times.

i dont have the slightest clue whats wrong now

this pc is a compaq presario 7596

im wondering if the hardrive or something hS been d/cd

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September 4, 2010 at 16:14:46
ticking sound and no operating system found etc...

The drive is toast; it is no more; it is beyond sick as a parrot - it is dead...

Time for a new hard-drive...

However as there may be "stuff " on it that you'd like to recover...; even possibly the whole installation etc. (which you might have wished to transfer/clone to a another drive)...

Remove the drive; wrap in paper towel - completely encase it; place in a small plastic bag and remove as much air as you can as you seal it. Suggest you use either zip-lock type of sandwich baggie - or the press and seal type.

Place the whole thing in the fridge - NOT the freezer; leave it there for about an hour or so. Remove from fridge; open bag and remove drive - still in paper towel - from baggie. let it warm up somewhat - say 10-15mins or so. Do NOT remove the paper towel during this period.

After about 10-15mins or remove the paper towel; feel the drive. It will be quite cool - possible even cold... Good!

Re-install drive into the PC; and power up... You "may" still get the ticking sounds; in which case it highly unlikely the drive will boot etc.... Then again - you "may" not hear ticking sounds - and instead the system may boot up - at least long enough to recover anything on it you wish to... If by chance you have another working hard-drive to hand - that will fit into the duff PC..., the use the utility that comes with a new hard-drive to clone (copy) the faulty one to that other (new?) drive...

Install that new drive in PC; and boot up... Likely you will need to repair the installation as things have changed (hardware). But if you have an XP setup disk... it may well be very possible to repair and get the cloned disk working properly...; and you will have a working system again..

This temporary revitalising of duff or near duff drive was posted here a while back by one the regulars. Regretably I cannot recall who...; and it also out there on the www - from days of yore...

A drive that ticks - even if still apparently booting etc OK - means it is sounding its death knell; singing its death chant... Time to get rid of it... - before it doth fail completely. Even if you successfully revive it - it will not last; it will go down again; so replace it...

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October 3, 2010 at 06:18:31
If you're trying to recover data from a damaged or faulty hard disk on a Windows ME system, try the DIY data recovery suggestions at this link -

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October 3, 2010 at 15:28:04
might be able to use the HD from the 5000, if they are both IDE. I know the 5000 is.


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