i used 2 256 ram

May 7, 2011 at 20:22:16
Specs: Windows 64
in windows me do you want to use the slow ram or fast ram sd 100 or sd 33, i was given the fast ram and errors would come up all the time and freeze my computer. i tried one slow and one fast and it don't work. i can't find any used 256mb of ram thats runs slow, everyone has the fast ones. my computer is a hp8765c 128mb 45 hard drive.Hp Pavilion 8765c. I bought an extra internal hard drive for my windows me. It’s 160 gb. Apparently, me won’t format anything over 32gb for an extra hard drive. I had to Par tension the 160 gb hard drive into 4 Par tensions of 32gb for it to work on my me. My question is can I use the 160 hardrive for my master hard drive and use my 3 recovery disk that came with my hp computer to install windows ME back into the 160 hard drive. If I can do I have to use a start up disk to get my computer to start up to insert the recovery disk or will it come on if I just insert the recovery disk. If I hook up my extra, Par tensioned 160 hard drive as the master the computer will say it can’t find an operating system.

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May 7, 2011 at 23:00:40
That's an athlon 900 that can take up to 256 meg of ram in each of its two slots for a total of 512. It's designed for PC100 ram but almost always PC133 will work. If yours doesn't then it's either bad or low quality. You can go to a place like crucial.com to find out exactly what your system can handle and you can order some there as well. But unless you want to sink more money into an old ME machine consider that ME doesn't benefit from gobs of ram the way XP and newer OS's do so you may want to just put another 128 meg stick in and bring it up to a total of 256.

The 160 gig drive was probably a mistake. For drives larger than about 128 gig the motherboard needs to be 48-bit LBA compliant, otherwise it won't properly see the drive. I doubt your motherboard is compliant. Sometimes it will only see the drive's capacity as the difference between the its stated capacity and 128 gig, which in your case would be 32 gig. That may be why you believe that ME only allows 32 gig partitions (not 'par tensions').

You can get around that with an ATA add on card. The card is 48-bit LBA compliant and you connect the drive there. The other way is to use a bios/drive overlay. Most people would choose the card and they're fairly cheap on ebay.

As far as the partitions on the 160 gig drive, don't go above 128 gig. I know some of the 98 commands don't work right on partitions above that size and I think the same is true for ME. So maybe something like 100 gig for the primary and 60 gig for an extended partition.

I assume your recovery disks will work once you get the drive set up properly but occasionally recovery disks are sensitive to a different sized partition and may not want to install.

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May 7, 2011 at 23:33:52
Thanks Daveincaps for your reply!!! (partition) that’s how you spell it, darn ME machine. InfoTech System out of my area are the ones that sold me the hard drive and formatted it. I couldn’t find a way to format it on Me windows so I had them try and they couldn’t either and then they went to Microsoft Me support and found out that 32 gb was all it could handle and it would only except 4 partitions not 5. I did hook up the 160 hard drive and put my recovery disk in and did a complete recover and it said it successfully completed. It change volume (d) into pavilion volume (d) but it doesn’t boot up it says no operating system. When I added my original 45 hard drive back in and slaved my 160 and open volume (d) on the 160 hard drive it has all Me icons in it but clicking on them does nothing. I do have other computers but I still use this one. It’s always been pretty good. Maybe I will just get another 128 ram. I’ve tried 4 so far but they definitely mess up my computer.
. I do have two slots for the ram but when you go into F1 and into the Bios it says I have three slots but number 1 has 0 when the number two and number three have the 256 in them.

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May 8, 2011 at 13:50:33
I think 32 gig was the maximum for 95 and in XP it won't let you make a fat32 partition larger than 32 gig but using FDISK in ME will allow the partition size you need. I don't know if partitioning it from the desktop is different. If it's only allowing you 32 gig partitions then you should probably go to command prompt and use FDISK to delete and then recreate the partitions to something more practical. Then try the recovery disks again.

I mentinoned above the drive capacity seen by the computer might be the difference between its stated capacity and 128 gig. It's probably more likely it'll just see 128 gig instead of 160. When that happens people often don't realize until later that they're missing space. Given that you were able to partition it I'm thinking that's probably the case with you. So you may just want to leave it as a 128 gig drive and not worry about gettng an ATA card.

If (or when) you do a successful recovery then the new drive needs to be jumpered and cabled as primary master, especially if you're keeping the original drive attached. Whatever hard drive is connected as primary master will be the C: drive.

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May 9, 2011 at 05:51:56
You should use PC100 & it must be low density. High density RAM will NOT work in that old system. PC133 may work, IF you can find low density PC133. Even so, it should be run at 100MHz to match the CPU. PC100 is still available if you know where to look. StarMicro has it for just $3.50 per stick:



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May 9, 2011 at 22:14:54
Thank you very much for your replies it was very helpful.

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June 11, 2011 at 07:47:13

"I think 32 gig was the maximum for 95 and in XP it won't let you make a fat32 partition larger than 32 gig but using FDISK in ME will allow the partition size you need."

You are correct; if you use a boot disk from Windows 98 or ME, you can format the large drive up to 137GB and then install Windows 95 on it (B or C OSR 2.x only). Among my many machines I have one running with Windows 95 B and 80GB Seagate Barracuda.

iMac G5 1.8GHz "Hero" PowerPC
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