Solved Windows 98 installation from CD and from USB Stick both fail

April 11, 2012 at 13:29:14
Specs: Windows 98 SE, Core 2 Duo
Hi all,

I'm trying to install Windows 98 SE on an industry standard PC. Trouble is, the PC is quite a lot newer than W98. (Socket 775 machine...)

a) Installation from install CD.
- the CD is bootable, boots nicely from the CD and asks me if I want to boot from hard disk or CD.
Then there is a nice Microsoft Windows 98 startup menu which asks me whether I want to start from CD ROM, or whether I want to start the computer with or without CD support.
Then, after selection of Start from CD Rom, a number of drivers seem to be started. At the end of the day however, there is a message saying:
"Device driver not found: OEMCD001". No valid CDROM device drivers selected. The Windows98 Setup files were not found.

The Driver used on this CD is from Oak Technoloy, called OTI-91X ATAPI CD-ROM device driver, Rev D91XV352. It tries to create the device with the name OEMCD001 but fails to do so. "No drives found, aborting installation".

Tried this with two different drives, one SATA and one IDE drive, same result. Also does not find any drives when both drives are installed at the same time.

b) Installing from USB stick
- Formatted my stick with HP tool in FAT32 file system, with system files from Windows 98.
Stick also boots nicely, and gives me a fancy C:\ sign when ready.

- Then I copied the W98 install disk on this stick, and booted.
For a fraction of a second, I see the W98 install screen with the windows logo on it, and then the system falls back to a C:\ command prompt.
All it says is:
Microsoft (R) Windows 98
(C) Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1998

This is all very nice but does not help installing.

I then type "setup" and hit enter (this is a functional DOS environment in which I can browse around etc...)
Result: A message which tells me:
"Please wait while Setup initializes."
I waited a while, had dinner, nothing happened.

So now I place all my hopes on you guys, hope you can help me with one of these two versions, which both failed so far. All I want to achieve is working version of Windows 98 on my PC.

If it is easier, I might also be interested in Windows 2000 since the software I'd like to run is probably running in 9x and I guess this should also work in 2000 then, but I simply don't have that OS, so I try to get my old Windows 98 SE to run.

Thanks in advance for all your helpful hints.

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April 11, 2012 at 14:38:09
Before you go any further with this, you need to be certain that the motherboard in your system had official drivers for Windows 98SE.

If it did not, then you are asking for a lot of trial and error and inconveniences.

I fully support your quest to run Windows 98SE on newer hardware, but be aware that even if you do find drivers for this board, there are still other hurdles to cross.

Third-party patches are required to use more than approximately 1.5GB of RAM, hard drives over 137GB, and SATA drives. Unofficial updates will be required to use USB2 devices and USB flash drives.

Are you sure you're ready to undertake this? :) lol
You may find relevant information with these links:

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April 11, 2012 at 14:55:24
Well, it is true that for my board the next best thing to a driver I could find was the release for Windows 2000, which I optimistically downloaded.

Guess I will be happy with a lot of constraints, I am even ready to install my old 8 GB IDE hard drive and live without sound or USB 2.0 or even LAN support. All I intend to do with the install is run a piece of tax software which really does not require a lot of functionality or ressources. However it will not install in Windows 7, Vista or XP.

So I am still in the game to get this running - although I will not promise to go very much further if the challenges keep popping up forever. Not even getting to the installation screen however just feels a bit too early to give it up.

On the other hand, it might be quicker to purchase a cheap old used PC which has it installed already.....

Well maybe there are some more hints, never know. Thanks already!

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April 11, 2012 at 15:11:12
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Windows 2000 drivers will not work in Windows 98. Windows 2000 is part of the NT-family, like XP, so I would hazard a guess that your software won't install in 2K if it won't install in XP.

It is possible to run Windows 98 without the official motherboard drivers, but the other hurdles still persist, along with trying to get display, sound, and network drivers. It's possible to use older add-in cards that have 9x drivers, and disable onboard devices which do not, but you see how involved a project this will become...

I'm personally not a fan of running "virtual machines," but in this case it might be an option to consider if this one program is all that you really need to use. I'm sure this will be the opinion of several other posters here, I've debated it with them before :)

If you still choose to try with 98, the links I gave you will be invaluable resources, along with the rest of that forum. Good luck whatever you choose!

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Related Solutions

April 11, 2012 at 18:47:11
Installing from USB or CD isn't mandatory. The method I have is to simply use a boot-floppy with CD-Rom support; format the hard drive to FAT32; copy the entire contents of the Win98 folder to a folder on the hard-drive (usually named something like "Temp98" or whatever); then run Setup from within that folder. If the machine doesn't have a floppy drive, then I'll temporarily drop one in to get the files on the HDD. As far as I remember (it's been some time), it's over 150MB of data that has to be copied, so it can take a while, especially on an older machine. I agree with what LoneCrusader has to say---Win98 on a newer machine can present a whole host of problems, especially where drivers, RAM and Hard-drive support are concerned. I've used Microsoft Virtual PC before and had no problems with it. You may want to consider using it; especially since April 16 is only a few days away.

"Channeling the spirit of jboy..."

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April 11, 2012 at 19:08:48
The Oak driver won't find a SATA cdrom but it should find an IDE/atapi OK. Is it some kind of non-traditional (for 98) configuration?

Even though the dos drivers can't find the cdrom, the bios did and booted from it. If it assigned it a drive letter then you may be able to do the install. Did it leave you at an A:\> prompt? If so do a DIR and enter and see if it shows a win98 directory. If so just typing SETUP should start the install.

Of course first the hard drive needs to be partitioned and formatted. The windows 98 partitioning command, FDISK, doesn't see drives right larger than about 64 gig so you need the updated or ME version of that command.

So let's see, you need:

1) Verify there are 98 drivers for the motherboard
2) No SATA drives
3) Updated or ME version of FDISK (or third party partitioning software).
4) Keep the partition size to about 120 gig or less.
5) Drop the ram to 512 meg or less for the install.
6) Get around the drivers not finding the cdrom or figure out what the problem is.

See? Nothing to it!

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April 11, 2012 at 21:51:40
Install W98 in a Virtual Machine is easier and a lot less hassle:

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April 12, 2012 at 13:23:42
@LoneCrusader, got your point - will first try the virtual solution then, as you suggest it may be a lot easier to run this single program I'm interested in. Thanks!!
@T-R-A, I'm reading the same result from your comment....
@DAVEINCAPS, yep probably nothing to it apart from a few steps I can't easily solve, perhaps really the virtual solution IS easier
@Jolicloud, thanks for the link, right now W98 is happily installing inside a little VMware window... didn't know this was free software before.
All in all a great forum, thanks folks for your help!! Don't even know who helped me most after all, better pick one than none I guess... Thanks :)

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April 12, 2012 at 19:14:19
You're welcome. Glad you've found a solution! :)

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