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Solved Windows 98 Installation Error OEMCD001

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I have a problem with installing windows 98SE so I need your guys’ help. I am running a HP p6714y computer with a windows 7 operating system on it. My proccessor is an AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Proccessor 3.00 GHz. I also have 4 gigabites of RAM. I wanted to install a second operating system on my computer which is windows 98. I didn’t create a second partition though for the operating system. I inserted the CD disk and restarted windows a screen comes up with three options: one is for start windows with cd rom support, start windows without cd rom support and start windows 98 setup from CD ROM. I chose start windows 98 setup from CD ROM and it scans for a CD ROM called “OEMCD001” it says that it is not found and installation is aborted and it takes me to another screen which says “No Valid CDROM device drivers selected, Windows 98 setup files were not found” and it also says “A:\>” and you can type a command where that “A” letter is. The same thing also occurred when I chose the option “Start windows with CD ROM support”. The other option “Start Windows without CD ROM support” just boots the computer normally. I need help to fix this problem. I don’t have a lot experience so I need a step by step guid on how to fix this problem. Remember that I am also installing this from a CD.



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  1. Please, please don’t try to install a stand-alone 98 OS on that. You’re going to have problems finding drivers and the 4 gig of ram will be an initial problem.

    That particular error you’re getting means 98 install isn’t finding a cdrom. That’s because you likely have a SATA cd/dvd drive. The driver it’s loading is for IDE/atapi cdroms. Your PC can boot the 98 cd because the bios recognizes the sata drive but 98 doesn’t.

    It’s also likely you have a sata hard drive which 98 won’t see either.

    You have 2 practical choices–either install 98 in a VM setting within windows 7 or get an older PC from the P-III era and install 98 on that one.

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