When I Log Off: Computing net

October 31, 2010 at 15:58:18
Specs: Windows 95, Pentium 32 OMB Ram
Hello again everyone,

General question here. When I log off of computing net, there is a message as follows:

Recommended Fix: (with blue link) Click here to fix Windows errors and to optimize PC performance.

Do you know if this is being offered via Computing net, or an advertisement in general? If it's from Computing net, I'd feel safe clicking and trying this.

PS: Don't be eating ALL the candy before the varmits arrive. As I have done, again.

Thanx Rhonda

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October 31, 2010 at 16:14:50
Well, I don't get that message when I log off.

Whatever, I would never trust anything that says:
"Click here to fix Windows errors and to optimize PC performance".

Such things are almost always scams and never do any good, probably
quite the reverse.

Ms Hulot's boat

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October 31, 2010 at 17:11:02

It is an advertisement, it is not being offered by Computing.Net. However, I feel safe recommending the product.


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October 31, 2010 at 17:33:40

Aha, as its an advert then I wouldn't have seen it (its just the way I've setup IE).

On a "general basis" I would stand by my response in #1 but in this case you have
The Webmaster's recommendation.

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October 31, 2010 at 18:21:49
Hello, thanx for replying!

Derek - Happy Halloween,

I've been scammed in the past, so I'm vewy vewy carerul.
(elmer fudd - best I can do.)

Derek who or what is Ms. Hulot's boat? I keep thinking Gilligan's Island when I see that. I'm aging myself here.


WOW The Master:

(dang I'm actually gonna respond to The Master - I'm putting on something more formal for this occassion, hope he likes long and black)

*Master Justin*

This "grasshopper" greets you *Master Justin* Honored to meet and type with you.

Awesome job and service you provide us grasshoppers - Master. Thank YOU!

As a guest in your forum (home) please, let me know the proper protocol while visiting. I'm not at all computer sauvy and I don't want to offend anyone, or misuse the forums. And if my sense of humor is inappropriate, please advice.

I assume your familiar with the above advertiser. Do you really think it will help in anyway? If so I'll try it next time it pops up. IF it would straighten out Tapiexe, I'd be one "happy woman" =)

*Master* again, Thank You for your work, it CAN'T be easy.

Grasshopper - Rhonda

((psssst Derek? - How'd I do? Could ya hear my knees creak when I bowed?))

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October 31, 2010 at 19:21:04
Ms. Hulot's boat is a YouTube link (clickable). Ancient French humor - not everyones taste. As it happens I've just changed it.

Didn't hear your knees creek 'cos they were drowned out by mine (due to age).

Dare I ask about "Tapiexe" or is that like opening Pandora's box? Something to do
with connections if I remember rightly.

How to know you are getting old 1:
If you can remember when radishes tasted of something

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October 31, 2010 at 19:23:08

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you like the site!

As for that particular product, I am not familiar enough with it to give an opinion. I just wanted to let you know that it wasn't a Computing.Net product.

If you want to learn the proper protocol for posting on the site, take a look at the rules. Those should help.


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November 1, 2010 at 06:30:09
Glad to know ya couln't hear my creaking knees, lets hope *The Master* couldn't either.

Glad I didn't click on Ms. Hulat - U Tube That would of put Taxipexe on "attack mode"

Taxipexe is my hex. (Pandoras Box) I'm thinking my (mature)system,(no updates) can't handle all the fancy websites. Taxpiexe attacks, freezes all, and them bumps me off.

Been reading archive posts, but can't figure out the purpose of Taxpiexe. Hoping it's not a virus. grrrr

I remember and (love) radishes, have you tried Wasabi? better yet

*Master Justin*

This grasshopper - read the rules.
Thus far I seem to of made no major flubs. I do need to work on removing my shoes, and turning out the lights when I leave.

Would "Scan my System" help with errors or PC performance? Or is this really just to get my vitals, like a background check, for a first internet date. ha ha

Thanx again for getting back to me.
Good Night

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November 1, 2010 at 08:56:04
I don't usually feel that "magic potions" make much difference to errors or performance although I confess that I know nothing about "Scan my System" itself. I'll leave that up to you.

Make sure you haven't got programs installed that are running in the background but unwanted (see Control Panel > Add-Remove Programs). Anything showing in the System Tray next to the clock is a running program. Sometimes Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together) can give some clues - Processes tab).

Unfortunately there are few Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware programs that run on W95, also the faulting tools built into W95 are minimal. More RAM often helps performance but for an old machine the prices are usually crazy, even if you can find any.

A bit of housekeeping might help a tad, such as clearing Temporary Internet Files and running defrag.

Couldn't find any info on Taxipexe (sounds a bit suspicious to me). Not sure I can help but would need you to provide a bit more information about it anyhow.

Hey, you should be able to click on YouTube links without World War III breaking out LOL.

How to know you are getting old 2:
Your feet seem further away from your hands

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November 1, 2010 at 20:42:12
Hello again,

Derek.........Don't ask the question, you might not like the answer!

(I'm assuming *Master Justin* has gone onto other - grasshoppers)

Here goes.
Oh, please only answer/help what you have time for. This feels like a terrible imposition, much of this must be so elementary for you.

Background Programs: Thru Add-Remove Programs, I couldn't find the System Tray, only clock per say was the date/time.

Task Manager: Looked for him also, not sure how to locate him, I'm thinking he ran off with my Primary Slave. Not sure where you meant to try (Ctl+Alt+Del)

At my Start Up button: Run (with hourglass)

Here I typed in System Tray-------DANG
Never been here before, this MUST be where you Wizards come to make havoc. Lots of dll and exe in here, I didn't touch anything, left it as is. Last thing I need is an angry Wizard hounding me.

In here I did find the following: Tapi.dll Tapi32.dll Tapiaddr.dll Tapiexe.exe Tapini.exe
Didn't touch these either.

On other archive posts in the room back in 1999 folks were referring to Tapiexe and AOL. Yes I use AOL, it's been another "hex" I'm double hexed. (all this is leaving my life soon)

Removing files: I've removed files from Temp Internet, History, Cookies thru Control Panel >Internet Options> window Settings,view files Deleted em this way.

Question: In Quantum gig (C) They are still there. Temp files: Lots of ~emf0217.tmp (various numbers) Cookies: Lots of anyuser@(various) rhonda@(various)

I'd like to use DAVEINCAPS trick and box and get rid of them. I don't undestand why they are there, if I deleted to begin with. Do you know if it's safe to delete these at (C), or do they serve a purpose?

Error on my part: While cruising around where I shouldn't be. I mistakenly uploaded: Setting Systems Change to TCP/IP, for Dial-up Networking. It asked for a CD or disc, I don't have. But proceeded on it's way. For Dial-up Networking. I'm not a network. Should I uninstall?

Last Item: If your still with me.
IE updates: MicroWindows, Security updates, I went ahead with these.

They also recommended: DirectX8.0a
What is this? Says for games, popups. I don't play games and HATE popups.

Offered: Multimedia
Agent 2.0 Says for 3 dimensional characters. Is this for kids?

I'd of emailed all this to you but it felt presumptious on my part. And I figured it's for others to learn from the post also.

Any pointers are appreicated, I OWE you a LATTE.
Call your wife and she'll deliver, honest.

PS: "Magic "Potions"
You'd make mucho $$$$ Derek , if you developed "Love Potion #9" for computers. And then I could list it in my "Tricks 4 Women" category. Course I gotta run this by "The Master"

Feet further from Hands. NO, our vision weakens, it's an illusion

Now I'm taking an aspirin,
Thank You

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November 2, 2010 at 00:22:55


Add on to above:

I found:

Scheduled Task Wizard
(kinda like yourself - BTW your late on dusting)
with applications and versions, program what I want Windows to run

At Find:
Computer>Computer Name (blank)
I clicked the arrow row, drop down, guess what's inside?
acrobat tapiexe
I didn't proceed further with FIND, till I checked back with you.
Hate to have everything dissolve into a puddle, right before moving.

I'm gonna do some more research on Tapiexe until I hear back from you.

Have a great day!!

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November 2, 2010 at 02:58:26
Hello again Derek,

Further research TAPIEXE:

Its for telephony components, lots of folks out there get error messages and freeze up.

It's connected into DLL

I found a website offering a download that checks and restores DLL and Tapi. But I don't want to try this till someone could look at the webiste and give me an idea if you think it's legit or safe.

I'm hoping it's okay to post it here:
(this gives a brief overview of tapiexe also.)

If your not comfortable going to the website I understand completely.
I'm sure I'm becoming a pest by now.

Thank You

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November 2, 2010 at 06:54:39
Aha, what a difference a dot makes - you mean Tapi.exe (Tapi executable). It makes more sense to me now but I am no expert on this one. One thing you could try is typing msconfig in the Run box and (hopefuly on W95 - I'm rusty) you should get a Window that pops up. If so go to the Startup tab and see if Tapi.exe is listed. In which case untick it. That should shut it up but make sure you can still get online afterwards, in which case you will have to go back and tick it. On boot you will get a screen which warns that you are in diagnostic mode so you tick the box to stop it warning you each time. Maybe you've already tried this.

The problem wth those sort of websites is that they have set themselves up on Google so that whatever problem you have on a computer it will direct you to them. What they are after is selling you their wonder product. You already know my views on those.

By the way, if you post the "full" web address on here (including the http:// bit) then you get a clickable link:

Click this to see if it works:

How to know you are getting old 3:
You start converting your age to hexadecimal

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November 2, 2010 at 12:41:34
Good Afternoon,


Thank you for replying, I'm surprised you don't have me on ignore already.

SORRY about the DOT.........(my bad)

I'll give your suggestion a try and see where I get with Win95 msconfig. Never done this kinda thing before, better take it slow. I've printed your directions, hopefully I won't screw it up. I'll let ya know how I make out.

Website: - yeah, I figured it was tooooo good to be true.
Why I wanted anothers input, besides I don't need anything else crammed on this poor unit, if not necessary or helpful.

Links: I wasn't sure if I could put a link in a forum. Kinda like a promotion.
Thought perhaps the post would be deleted for doing such.

Post: #9

I don't use a joystick or Microsoft Mail Postoffice. If I delete these would it give me a tad of memory? Also, how many Network Components do I need? There are few of those also.

Quantam 3 gig (C):
Can I remove the Temp, Cookies here with DAVES box trick?

TCP/IP: I'll assume this is okay as is.

DirectX8.0a and Agent 2.0:
I'm assuming neither helps in anyway, just more stuff to bog me down.

Again, Thank YOU, your one patient man. I do hope you got your latte!!

Derek, when your OLD you can no longer remember how to convert decimals, nor spell "HEX"adecimal.

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November 2, 2010 at 13:35:57
Derek Hello,


Desk Top - Start up>Run (find)>(typed in (misconfig)>popup window
can't locate misconfig, be sure your typing complete name

Or some such answer/reply

Am I performing this properly?


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November 2, 2010 at 13:51:18
Hey, I am getting old because I've now found that msconfig didn't come along until W98. However there is a small program (equivalent) here:
Go for the first link in the text (free Startup Control Panel). I've never used it so I hope it is self explanatory or there is some guidance with it.
EDIT: Found this explanation (but get download from previous link):

As for the Add-Remove stuff, I should think "joystick & Microsoft Mail Postoffice" could go if you don't think you will ever use them. You need TCP/IP and DirectX. Not sure about the rest without further info - DAVEINCAPS might if he pops by.

Hey, you've made me feel better - can at least do the Hex bit using a program.

How to know you are getting old 4:
You can't find anything you like on the wireless

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November 2, 2010 at 14:23:53
Wizard DEREK,

WOW, another INSTANT reply.

I'll check out the explanation and program links.
If it's not "easy to follow steps, with pictures" I'll be stumbling. I'll let ya know how I make out.

okay TCP/IP stays.

DirectX: WHAT is this even??? What does it do?
And should I upgrade to the 8.0a? Or is it just more stuff to slow me down?

I have another running thread with DAVEINCAPS. I'm picking his brain also. He gave me another great trick for a mouse trap, haven't had to use it yet.

Your both awesome WIZARDS, my favorites.

Glad I could help someone feel better.
I feel like such a bother using the forums for such sophmoric information. It must seem just wrong to those that understand and care for computers. That WE (myself) don't even understand the Basics.

OLD - Wireless
Derek, if you don't own a wireless what's to like or dislike? =)

Thanx again,

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November 2, 2010 at 18:52:41
DirectX is all tied up with rendering graphics. If you haven't had any particular issues with graphics you are probably best to leave well alone. Don't want to upset the old thing LOL.

How to know you are getting old 6:
You can't remember what it is that you have forgotten

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November 2, 2010 at 22:10:17
Wizard Derek,

Direct X: If we're talking graphics on the internet, PROBLEMS!!

Alot of websites won't even load.

Not to mention kicking me to the side.......
Found On Roadside Dead......FORD

Whether it pertains to DirectX, no Win95 updates, IE 5.5, I've no idea. The world she's a moving mighty fast.

OLD------------This one you truly caught me on.
What was it I was saying?


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November 3, 2010 at 02:17:31
Hello again,

Wizard Derek, or DAVE if he drops by,

Post 15:
I checked out both links. Nice what they are offering.

From mlin's website I have a question before I download the Free offer. Could you view it for a minute and walk me thru?

Under the graphic of the control panel, the first paragraph:

go to Control Panel> (which or what control panel? Control panel on my computer, or does he mean on his website?
If it's my control panel I must be accessing it improperly. I can't locate Performance Information and Tools.
I don't want to clicking on things on his website, incase I download something I don't need or isn't applicable for my needs.
Unless he's explaining after I download the program, and these are directions, to start the control panel.

Any clarification would be helpful.

Found the following on my computer:

Tapi.exe.exe Properties (HEX/HEX)
Version: 1.0.501
Windows Telephony DLL hidden app
Size: 1.74KB internal name: tapi applet

Post #9:

Removing files:
I've removed files from Temp Internet, History, Cookies thru Control Panel >Internet Options> window Settings,view files Deleted em this way.

In Quantum gig (C) They are still there.
Temp files: Lots of ~emf0217.tmp (various numbers)
Cookies: Lots of anyuser@(various) rhonda@(various)

I'd like to use DAVEINCAPS trick and box and get rid of them. I don't undestand why they are there, if I deleted to begin with. Do you know if it's safe to delete these at (C), or do they serve a purpose?

Can I BOX em up or leave em alone?

Thanks again for trying to help me.

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November 3, 2010 at 10:49:53
Firstly, I never answered your "What is TCP/IP" question. Well, it's a protocol which is used for your interactions with the internet - in short it handles the data flow, so you definitely need it.

As for the program on that squirrel website, maybe it will all become clear if you download it, save the download somewhere then double click it. The picture they give is of their own Control Panel. Whether it just works straight away or you have to find it as an icon in your own Control Panel is anybody's guess. Once running, the idea is that you (somehow) go to "Manage Startup Programs" - I would then expect you to be in the position to find that if that Tapi.exe (or whatever it is) is showing and see what happens when you disable it and reboot. See if you can still get online, if not enable it again. If you really get stuck I suppose I could try it on my old W98 because that has no "Performance Information and Tools icon either".

You mentioned you had found "Tapi.exe.exe" somewhere. Is that a file? Again I wonder about the dots because if it is a file it has a double extension (.exe .exe) which is unusal and sometimes used by Virus writers. Check again, could it be either Tapi.exe or Tapiex.exe ?

How to know you are getting old 7:
You can remember when Christmas started in December

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November 3, 2010 at 13:36:38
Hello once Again,


I apologize that this has become so difficult. I'm sure if I understood more it'd be a cake walk. I'm leary of experimenting as you can tell.

So glad ya glued me in on that one. Obviously a Biggie.

Squirrel download:
IF I download this it'll be zip file. I'll retrieve it that way. I agree it will most likely be more clear once I actual view it and play with it a bit.

Tapi (HEX):

I'm gonna go offline to try and view it again and get back to ya if it's double exe. (figures it's probably a virus, knowing my luck) I just gotta figure out how I located it's properties again. Wasn't happy to see it as "hidden app". Is that what you originally were referring to? Programs running in the background, slowing me down?

Derek, .....if it is a virus, performing the Start Control Panel download would be mute, would it not?

Post #9:

At my Start Up button:

Run (with hourglass)

Here I typed in System Tray-------DANG
Never been here before, this MUST be where you Wizards come to make havoc. Lots of dll and exe in here, I didn't touch anything, left it as is. Last thing I need is an angry Wizard hounding me.

In here I did find the following:

Tapi.dll Tapi32.dll Tapiaddr.dll Tapiexe.exe Tapini.exe
Didn't touch these either.

Illeagal Operations:
These messages happen when I'm online only. I surfed last nite till they appeared. I'm thinking there's way more wrong than I'll ever be to correct. I don't know or understand if the're all connected with Tapi or something else entirely.

I also did browsing at other sites, folks having problems with the same message types as mine. I'm thinking it also has to do with not enough RAM (power? memory?) The older systems can't handle all the upgraded graphics, connections etc. (not really sure on all the proper language, but I'm sure you get general idea)

Examples follow:

Explorer: module USKR.EXE (etc)
Waol: module KRNL386.KXE

There are others that popup also one after another once they get started. What I found interesting with the two above, is that they had the same registies listed, I didn't read the complete listings for the others, they might be the same also.

Bites @ CS:KIP
stack dump......lots of numbers

I'm thinking all this is beyond me. But I'm learning alot looking at things I've never bothered with in the past. I keep checking things out to get a better feel for the language and functions, so that with a new system, if/when I have problems, I'll be able to address them sooner, and speak SOME of the same language you WIZARDS use.

I've always loved the learning curve!!!


awwwwww Derek, this one TRULY hurts
My childhood memories of Christmas don't contain all the commercialism. Do yours?

Baby Boomers:
WE had such innocence, strength and we DID implement "Change"

Thank you Derek

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November 3, 2010 at 13:54:47
Hello, (new topic)

Wiz Derek,

Last night I put up a new post. I figured it wouldn't fly and possibly be removed. My sense of humor got away from me, AGAIN. I can rub many people the wrong way.

I didn't receive an email saying....."BAD MEMBER"
Your post is inappropiate!!!

Do removed posts get piled up somewhere?
I'm asking out of curioustiy, to find out if "Master" (bowing) Justin is upset with me.

Thanx again,

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November 3, 2010 at 15:54:33
What ( I ) have here is a failure to communicate. (and seeing dots)

Whew, it's Tapiexe.exe
I'm assuming it's NOT a virus.

Post #19:
I typed another one incorrect: Tapiini.exe (double i)

I looked under properties for each of the files listed in Post #19.

They are Microsoft Corp. Microsoft Windows Telephony
I'll not list all the info. under properties.
I'm thinking I've bothered you enough with all this.

Thanks again for everything, I had no idea there were so many pieces/parts/language to keep computers operating.
It's given me a whole new appreciation for Technologists and your need for attention to DETAIL.


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November 3, 2010 at 16:24:45
Yeah, the exact file name can make all the difference. As its Tapiexe.exe
I get the impression that it is necessary in order for you to get online (as I half expected). So disabling it with that program, or any other way, is likely to land you with another issue.

There is a way to extract a new copy from the W95 disk or floppies (if you have them). For what it's worth I believe it is in Cab 11.

I'll leave it up to you whether you want to persue this any further but if you are thinking of replacing the machine (your other post) then maybe it would be best to concentrate on that.

How to know you are getting old 7:
You pronounce the word "aitch" without an 'H'

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November 3, 2010 at 17:27:44

Agreed, it must be for getting online. I ain't gonna disble it.

I'm not gonna try extracting it either, I'd most lilkely mess it up. I'll leave all well enough alone. I have enjoyed the learning process.

I did note on other websites folks referred as you have to, Cab 11 and Cab 17. (if anyone else asks about all this)

So, should I make a formal apology in the forum for the Post that was removed? I didn't mean to upset or offend anyone.
I'd appreciate your insight.

I STILL don't know if I can remove Temp & Cookie files from within Quantam (C). Or only through Settings? Would it help things run smoother?

Thanx again for all,

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November 3, 2010 at 18:50:48
I didn't know you had a post removed or why. Whatever I shouldn't worry about apologies, just press on and if you have some idea why the post vanished then don't do it again LOL - Big Daddy has spoken. [It's OK they are not stored up somewhere].

Well, its time to own up to the fact that I've no idea what Quantam is. Whatever, removing cookies is normally no big deal, just that you might have to sign in again next time (which will put them back). Removing cookies won't make any difference to performance, so in your shoes I'd leave them in place. There are very minor privacy issues with cookies but with all the wicked nasties around these days I don't believe you need to regard cookies as a threat.

How to know you are getting old 9:
You find your car keys then start looking for the car

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November 3, 2010 at 22:31:38

Post Removed:

If we're owning up here, the post was in regards to:
"Scan my System - Our first date".
The link from ComputingNet, when ya sign on.

I thought it humorous myself, regarding the scan (date) not able to communicate with my (mature) system. (the younger guy)

I'll do as ya say and carry on. Unless "The Master" (bowing) decides to give me a lashing, I'll apologize then. (Big Daddy) LOLOLOL

Quantam3gig (C):

It's the title on this system for my C drive files/folders within.
(and here I thought I was cool using "techno" lingo-ha ha)


I removed some of the zip ones, left any that were for regular sites I visit.
I also did a first, for me. Made corrections with the Inbox Repair Tool (to .bak folder) Doesn't seem to have messed anything up yet.

I'm having a ball BOXING stuff up. My house is full of boxes also, so it fits. I'm thinking of keeping this antique now and use it to make mistakes on and see what else I can learn, keeping the new system alone.

OLD - "aitch" with "H"
Must be a denture thing, not there yet

OLD - Car Keys
awwwwwwww, I wear em around my neck
I'm one out of two, half way there

Good Night

The system seems happier if I "empty" once a day.

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November 4, 2010 at 08:23:22
OK then, good luck with your move and your new computer (eventually).

How to know you are getting old:
You remember the cosine rule but forget what you had for dinner

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