Want to transfera ATA Hard Drive w/W98 to a SATA Hard Drive

December 15, 2012 at 10:57:43
Specs: Windows 98
I tryed to ask this question on the Tom's Hardware site, but, the public computer I am on will not allow me to sign up!

I have a Win98 computer that has seen better days.

I want to transfer the HD that contains the Win98 OS/Applications/Files compleatly to a new computer. However, the old dive is a ATA while the new one is a SATA. And neither MB supports the others drive.

My solution is to use a disk image software to "copy" the ATA drive to a DVD (or DVDs) and then copy the DVD (DVDs) to the new computer's SATA drive.

(The new(er) computer already has Windows 7. In this case the HD with the old WIN98 OS/Files would be on a totally seperate HD).

What I want to know is this possible?

Or will I have to get somekind of adapter that would allow the SATA computer to read a ATA drive (or visa versa) and do a direct transfer?

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December 15, 2012 at 12:58:03
If you intend to fit the IDE Windows 98 drive as a second drive just to access the data on it in your newer PC, that's fine. You need an IDE-to-SATA converter which fits on the rear of the IDE drive so you can connect it with a SATA cable to SATA port on the motherboard of your newer PC. Here is an example of what you need to buy:

Obviously I live in the UK so that's a UK website. You'll need to buy from a website which serves your country.

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December 20, 2012 at 15:27:59
I know that I can use an ATA to SATA adapter, but, my orginal question is still waiting for an answer.

Can I do what I orginally spelled out?

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December 26, 2012 at 14:04:22
What you spell out may be possible. If the new computer has only one hard drive, you may have to repartition that drive to shrink the original partition and leave enough free space to image the old system to. You'd have two partitions that each show up as a separate drive letter.

However, my concern is that the imaging software may try to change the boot sector on the new systems drive to boot off the old system.

Instead of imaging, instead of copying the old drive to DVD's as an image, just copy the data files you need to the DVD's, and then copy the files to a folder on the new system.

Of, if the imaging software can be installed on the new system so that the data files can be read from the image files on the DVD, then do that and again, just copy the files from the old system to a folder on the new system.

Another option is to install Microsoft's free Virtual PC software, create an empty virtual machine file and image the old system to the virtual machine. Then you can boot up and run your old system on the new computer, programs et al. That would take more work but might yield you the most desirable result, depending on what your aim is.


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