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Solved Standard Pci Graphics Adaptor Vga

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as a lot of queries, i cannot change contrast of my win 98se, i have to accept 2 bit or 16 bit, cannot get 256 colours, not sure the maker of the graphics card but the adaptor is pci standard VGA, please help


1 Answer

  1. It’s actually the “colour depth” you can’t change, not the contrast, and that’s because the correct driver is missing or hasn’t yet been installed. The Standard PCI Graphics Adapter simply indicates that Windows is having to use it’s own basic driver which is limited to low resolution and low colour-depth.

    If your computer is factory-built or it’s a laptop, the correct driver will be on that computer manufacturer’s website. You’ll need to know the model name and/or model number of the computer.

    As Windows 98SE is now a very old Windows version, you may find that your PC model is no longer listed on their website, but go there and have a look.

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