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Solved Problems With booting Win 98, (Dual Boot)

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Maybe someone here can help me with this. I’ve attempted a rather rare dual boot setup on my computer with both windows 98 and windows 7, but win 98 stopped booting after I installed windows 7.

To help you guys diagnose this I’ll tell you step by step what I’ve done so far…

First I used my windows 98 setup disc and Fdisk to create a fat32 partition at the start of my hard drive, and installed windows 98 on it.
(Its a primary partition, not logical)

After that I had to edit the system.ini to get rid of a memory error when booting windows 98. (I have 2 gigs of ram which windows 98 couldn’t handle)

After I did that I got windows 98 to boot but only if I choose “step by step conformation” from the boot screen, otherwise it would freeze on the splash screen. Figuring this wasn’t too much of an inconvenience I proceeded to the next step.

I created a NTFS partition directly after the Fat32 partition for windows 7. (after this step windows 98 still worked)

Then I installed Windows 7 on the NTFS partition, and that OS seems to work fine but windows 98 was no longer bootable.

The next thing I did was use a program called EASYBCD 2.1 from the bootable windows 7 OS.

I used this programs “add new entry” feature and selected windows 98.

I was happy to see that EasyBCD made windows 98 and windows 7 both selectable from the boot menu, but unfortunately I cant fully boot windows 98. It almost gets fully booted but once I get to windows I get an error message that says….

[b]”MSGSRV32 caused an invalid page fault in KERNEL32.dll at 0167:bff7b992″[/b]

This is the problem I can’t seem to fix. After some online research I found that a few people had this problem with windows 98 and a couple people suggested deleting the system passwords as can be read here……

I dont even get to the password screen anyway, nor did I set a password but I gave this a try anyway and I still get the same error message from within windows.

As a side note nothing seems to function in windows 98 since I installed windows 7 so any solution to this problem will have to come by using the command prompt, some sort of recovery disk maybe, or possibly by using some of the other features of EasyBCD on my windows 7 OS. I’m not too familiar with EasyBCD and so far the only thing I’ve tried is the “add new entry” feature.

If anyone is curious I want windows 98 on my computer so that I can have full compatibility with older games and other software that no longer runs on newer operating systems. Id prefer not relying on DOSBOX or other emulation software if possible.

I should also mention that Ive had a dual boot setup in the past with windows 98 and windows xp and managed to get it working, so I know this is possible on this computer unless windows 7 is the problem, or my new graphics card is causing the conflict.

Thanks in advance for any help



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  1. If you are old enough to remember playing games in DOS then you understand how Windows 7 configures hardware/ etc. when running in a compatibility mode.

    If you have old games that won’t work there are usually two reasons why. First one is if the game, or for that matter, a program, must be installed to the root directory instead of under program files. The second is if the game itself, or the installer is a 16 bit program and you are running the 64 bit version of Windows 7.

    You can try installing Virtual PC 2007 SP1 under Windows 7 and then install Win98SE there. Not sure if that is going to work either but it is about your only option. Look at the link below for download links for the the program and for release notes/etc.…

    Check Device Manager in Win98SE to see what drivers are in use for the hardware and if all hardware is even configured.

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