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Solved Packard Bell Master CD And Recovery & Restore Diskette Issue

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Hi Guys,

You guys may realize me from the Packard Bell Thread. I got a Packard Bell Platinum 1 and replaced the hard drive for a 2GB Compact Flash, the original hard drive was 1.2GB. Now, I tried using my Original Packard Bell Master CD Version: 170580 and the Restore & Recovery Floppy Version 2.2W. When I put the media into the appropriate drive, and boot the computer; it says “Insert bootable media into the appropriate drive.” It was supposed to go into the Packard Bell Restore Menu, not say this. The original owner I got this computer from, said the he used the Master CD and Restore & Recovery Floppy before, but he was not specific on how he used them. I think I might have the wrong Restore & Recovery Floppy. I might need to get Version 2.3W as said in this thread,… I tried a different Master CD for Windows 95 B and it worked and got to the Restore Menu. Only problem is that there is some software on the original Master CD that came with this computer. I have a video link, please take a look and help me out. I never had experienced this before. Thanks Everyone.…

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  1. I think I mentioned in a PM that the floppy disk or drive might be bad. Regardless of the disk version it should boot up. I assume that’s not happening? You might try a dos bootdisk from someplace like just to see if it boots OK from a floppy.

    Also if you take a look at the floppy–the config.sys, autoexec.bat and the files they call and then check the cd files–you might be able to figure out how to start the restore with a different disk.

    I never used any of those disks. I just accumulated them from various places over the years. The floppies may or may not be the versions that originally came with the restore cd’s.

    Sorry I haven’t send the PB sound cards yet. There’s 6 or 7 or them I think but I just haven’t boxed them up and taken them to the post office. People moved in and rearranged my junk so I’ve been busy trying to make room.

    Don’t forget to preorder your Hatch green chili for this fall. Many vendors ship world-wide. Better hurry. They’re picking and shipping now.

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