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NTKERN Windows Protection Error

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When I boot my Windows 95 Virtual PC, it usually after running autoexec.bat and in middle of the boot screen, displays this message:

“While initializing driver NTKERN
Windows protection error, you have to restart your computer”

And then hangs.

I can boot to safe mode. Also, I can boot into normal mode if I boot to safe mode first then change to normal mode. It only works once then, though.

Tried following things:
1. Other Virtual PC’s work. It’s not a RAM problem.
2. Replace the vmm32.vxd with a clean version from Win95 CABs.
3. Reinstall Windows 95. TWICE.
4. Running RegClean, absolutely no help.
5. Set memory down to 16 MB.

Still no help.

About the version: I’m not sure whether it has packs, OSRs or something, but the System dialog says 4.10.999. Strange enough, says “Microsoft Nashville”, so it’s possible this is a some kind of beta version?

This problem is very annoying, and I have looked it from the Google for around three hours now. What could be the solution?


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  1. Sounds like you do have an odd Beta version of Windows 95.

    I have seen that particular error when running 95 on newer hardware whenever the last version of NTKERN.VXD is not installed.

    While not written EXACTLY for this particular problem, my FIX95CPU update should correct this. Try installing it.

    See here for detailed information:…

    See especially the “KNOWN ISSUES” section of the ReadMe for an error similar to what you are experiencing.

    The ZIP contains bootable Floppy and CD images, use whichever is more convenient.

    I would advise you to reinstall from scratch, you cannot simply replace VMM32.VXD with the one from the CABs. It is only a “starter” file that is compressed with several other VXD’s during the first reboot of SETUP. They can be unique to each machine depending on certain factors during SETUP.

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