need help with my computer

AMD Duron Processor
June 9, 2008 at 15:04:53
Specs: Windows 98, 256 MB
my computer won't connect to the internet. i use a cable connection, and lately my computer won't recognize it. there's nothing wrong with the connection itself, cause it works on my moms laptop. i've run the connection wizard multiple times but it just doesn't work. any ideas??

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June 9, 2008 at 18:01:50
You could try some generic things like running virus/spyware/adware programs, or swapping out network cards. But you'll likely need to contact your provider. Settings are different (and even may be from machine-to-machine) depending on who you use for internet access, and somehow they may have gotten changed...

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June 9, 2008 at 18:51:19
I deleted the mpr.dll file off my windows 98 computer please help me!!!!!!

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June 9, 2008 at 20:25:32
that's the thing. it used to work on my computer, but now it won't. this happened after my friend brought a killdisc to wipe my computer clean. it was really slow. after the wipe was done, my computer was faster than ever but it never connected to the internet ahain afterwards.

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June 10, 2008 at 01:01:02
After using killdisk, did you reinstall 98 from a regular 98 cd or from restore disks? You may need to install the drivers for your NIC card. Right click on 'my computer', choose 'properties' and open 'device manager'. Do any of the items show there with a yellow ? or ! If so you likely need to install those drivers.

Also, with 98, even though the connection wizard should connect you, often you need to install the ISP software instead--AOL or whatever--and then make the connection.

Dzilla91, put your 98 cd in the cdrom. When it autostarts, close the window. Then START--RUN and type in SFC and click OK. Choose to extract a file. Type in the name of the file you need. The 'extract from' should show the 'win98' folder on the cd. It should extract to the c:\windows\system folder.

I don't have my 98 machine working right now so I can't check, but if that file is on the 98 cd then SFC will extract it. If the file came from some added software you'll need to look elsewhere.

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June 10, 2008 at 11:47:21
Is this computer connected to the internet via a wired connection - network cable - or a wireless connection?

If by a wireless connection, there may be other things you have to fix.

If by a wired connection, or in any case, you could try....

go into Device Manager and un-install the listing for your specific card listed under Network adapters.
Click OK, reboot.
Windows will find the network card again while rebooting, will find and install the drivers for it, and will probably ask for the Windows CD - if it does the latter, it will probably load mpr.dll. If it doesn't find what it wants on the Windows CD, correct the drive letter to the letter of the drive it is in if that is wrong, and have it look in the \win98 folder on the CD if that is wrong.

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June 10, 2008 at 15:36:17
... Isamu

... you could try popping in the 98 cd
then go to control panel add+remove progs
select add additional componants, anything that is "NET" related that is blur'd greyed
out or even unticked double click and the CD will install 'em


... dzilla91

...^^^ clink the link above ^^^

... then click ... "Click here to go to the download of mpr.dll"

... another pop-up will then appear for the download file link.

... 2 birds wiv one stone ??

wat do I know?
... got brain freeze

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January 4, 2009 at 23:54:24
i am having problem with my tower lg computor and nec versa 2000 laptop both with windows XP. They both have d drive problems when i open the drawer it won't recognize anything and the computer screen freezes and cannot open any files. Very frustrated. regards karen.

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January 5, 2009 at 06:22:25
kazza / Karen

You would be much better off to start a New Topic (Subject)- if you do that it will be listed at the top of a list of current Subjects (Topics) and more people are likely to see that and answer your questions.

Actually, you are not normally allowed to make a post in a Subject where the last post is so old - June 10 2008 - there must be a glitch in the software used on this site that prevents that.

At the top of the page, click on General Forums, then Windows XP.
Click on any Subject (Topic) title

Click on the New Topic icon at the top of the page, just under the Subject (Topic) title.

You need to provide as much description as you can about your problem(s). What you have typed so far is rather vague.

You posted in a Subject (Topic) about internet connection problems - do you have a problem with that?

Is your D drive a CD or DVD drive, or a second partition on a hard drive?

Are both computers brand name systems with their original brand name supplied software still on them?
E.g. Compaq, HP, Dell, Gateway, Toshiba emachines, etc.
If so, depending on the way the brand name system was set up, you may not be allowed to access anything on the second partition on the hard drive seen as D, or you may not be able to see that second partition on the hard drive at all and D is your CD or DVD drive.

You can't access a CD or DVD drive if it has no disk in it at the time, or if the tray for the drive is ejected at the time.
If a CD or DVD drive does have a disk in it, the disk must be a type the drive can recognize - e.g. a DVD disk cannot be read in a CD-Rom (only) drive or a CD burner (only) drive - they only read CDs.
If there is something wrong with the computer's power supply, a disk in a CD or DVD drive may not be recognized, but that's very unlikely on a laptop.

"when i open the drawer it won't recognize anything"
What do you mean by that?
Do you mean the tray on a CD or DVD drive, or a folder in Windows, or what?

"the computer screen freezes and cannot open any files."

When does it "freeze", and when you do what?
Anywhere in Windows, in certain places in Windows, or only when you're on the internet?
- for a true freeze, nothing works - if it just doesn't do something when you click on certain things that's a different problem
- if it doesn't do something when you click on certain things when you first start up the computer, wait until the programs that load when Windows first starts up have loaded completely - also, some programs load updates in the background when you first start up the computer - wait until the hard disk activity led has stopped blinking and has gone off .

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