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Is There a High Definition Audio driver for Win98?

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I’m looking for a Win98 High Definition Audio driver.
I recently received some computers that have Onboard HDA sound,
and I decided to try Win98 on them.

Has anyone found HDA drivers that work?


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  1. The NCP61 looks to be nvidia’s nforce 430 chipset. There were no drivers on nvidia’s site for anything older than XP for that chipset:…

    A general search for nvidia audio drivers for windows 98 returned no results. The actual audio chip on that motherboard may not be nvidia. The best thing to do would be to go to the support page for the specific emachine model you have and see what’s there.

    Since you already have 98 installed you should go to device manager and see how many yellow ! and ? show there as that indicates lack of drivers for those items. No doubt there will be several.

    Drivers are always going to be a problem when you install an old OS on new hardware as most manufacturers don’t bother writing drivers for an OS not meant to be used on that hardware.

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