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Installing Windows 95

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So I have an extra 500GB drive that i know I am never going to use and I would like to install as many OS’s as I possible can. So far I have MS DOS 7.10 on a 1GB partition on it and I will be using grub4dos to boot all those OS’s.

Anyway I am starting with Windows 95 SE. It installed perfectly no problems there but when I try and boot into Windows 95 I get this error “Not enough extended memory available to start windows”. I tried booting straight into it and booting it from MS-DOS.

I have heard some problems with win 95 and modern pcs with the cpu being over 300mhz and stuff but I am not getting any of those errors. Just the memory one.

Any Ideas? Thanks 🙂

Edit: Ok I found the problem. MS-DOS is using all the XMS memory. No idea why it is doing that.

Edit #2: Ok I fixed the problem but now i am getting “Windows Protection Error. Please reboot your computer”


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  1. There’s a table here:

    of entries for MaxPhysPage vs available ram. 30000 allows for 768 meg. You might want to drop that to something like 10000 or 08000 (256 or 128) and see if that works.

    Also, if you have a config.sys with himem.sys and emm386.exe loading,. try temporarily renaming it to something else so it doesn’t load.

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  2. If you get all that set right it should boot to normal mode.
    Even if you get it to the desktop you’ll still need 95 drivers for all the hardware and depending on the motherboard they may be hard to find. So you might want to go with a virtual machine as jam suggests, especially if you can’t get it going on that hardware.

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  3. If you can’t get it to the desktop, the only other thing I can think of is to put the drive in another–much slower, much less ram–PC and boot it up there. Then install the NDIS patch and anything else that needs to be done with 95 up and running. Then move the drive back to the faster PC.
    I recommend you copy the msconfig files from 98 and install them so you have that feature.. There is a memory limiting option there too. If you can’t find a download for msconfig I can email the files.

    9X isn’t like newer OS’s that give a BSOD if you move a drive to another PC so that should work OK, if you have such a PC available.

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