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Solved I Cannot Display Euro Currency Symbol

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I cannot display the euro currency symbol in word documents and i cannot format excel spreadsheets with the euro currency symbol.

I am using a Toshiba Satellite pro 4300, with Windows 95B and Microsoft Office 95 (Both using legal licences). I searched the internet and found a windows 95 update from Microsoft’s website. I cannot remember the KB number but the file download is called tahoma32.exe. The update completed successfully and the Tahoma fonts appeared in Windows 95 fonts folder and showed up in word.

However, excel did not give me the option to format the cells with the euro currency symbol.

In word. when i select the Tahoma font and tried to search for the euro currency symbol, it did not appear in symbol. I then opened character map and selected the Tahoma fonts, the symbol for the euro currency was not present.

I tried re-installing, restarting the PC, but the story was the same. It isn’t a vital solution, i just write the word euro at the top of the excel spreadsheet. It is just that Microsoft offered a solution that doesn’t work. There is more information from them if it doesn’t print, but i am not trying to print.

Any information would be useful….many thanks
Apart from that i am enjoying the windows 95 experience. It is very fast and responds instantly all the time. All of the device drivers installed OK…well the main ones…display, sound and network.


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  1. Have you actually installed the Euro symbol update for Windows 95? Just the TAHOMA32.EXE package does not provide Euro support, only an updated font that contains a Euro symbol.

    You need the full update in order to have that functionality, but I have no idea whether it will fix the problem inside Excel.

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