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How To Install Windows 98se On Virtual PC2007

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When setting up Windows 98 SE on PC2007, error message:
” Cannot create a temporary directory. If you have HPFS or NYFS installed on youe hard drive,
your wil need to create an MS-DOS boot partition to set up Windows.”


2 Answers

  1. That message would be NTFS, not NYFS.
    What the message means is you are using the NTFS file system, which is the default file system for Vista. NTFS file system is not compatible with Win98se. You need a partition formatted using FAT32.

    If you have an old hard drive install it as a second drive into the computer and use it instead of partitioning your current drive.

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  2. from the windows 98se bootdisk that should have came with the win98 cd, run fdisk then create a primary partition. if it asks you if you want large disk support, say yes. if you do not use the largest size for the partition then make sure you make it active afterward. then reset the virtual machine and do type “format c:” (without quotes) and then enter. say yes you want to format non-removable disk. after all of this, try installing again.

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