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Solved How 2Install Win95 On Computer Equipped With An LED Monitor

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My old desktop computer can’t handle an upgrade past Win XP, so I’m trying to return it to being a Win 95 or 98 machine so I can use some old favorite software. I’ve installed DOS 6.22 and then tried to install Win 95. Everything went smoothly until Win 95 tried to start for the first time. For a split second, I saw the splash screen, but then it went black and an error message told me there was insufficient memory to load Windows. Since there’s 2 GB of RAM and nothing loading it up, I figure it must be my monitor (LG IPS236) that’s causing the problem and most likely an issue with drivers since Win 95 pre-dates LED monitors. I have a disk for the monitor that includes the drivers, but it only runs under Windows. How do I get my drivers loaded?


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  1. 512 MB RAM was huge in 1995, far beyond what most computers of the day could accommodate. Windows 95 was said by some to be a memory hog because it required 4 MB RAM, more than many computers of the day could provide.

    I believe there is a workaround that allows a Windows 95 computer to boot with but not use more than 512 MB RAM but I don’t know what it is.

    But it is likely that any computer modern enough to handle 2 GB RAM is going to have more problems with Windows 95 than just too much RAM.

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