Hard drive was wiped; boot with bootable disk

September 14, 2010 at 19:04:07
Specs: Did have Win98, 384 MB
When booting with a bootable disk it goes to CD first and eventually to floppy drive. Get the message "Missing operating system". Have tried to get to BIOS to check boot order--no can do. Get no prompts at all. Is this computer dead?

Dell Dimension L400c

Machine had been wiped with DBAN. It started a clean install when booted with WIN 98 startup disk. Fdisk performed and partition set to max. After it rebooted with startup disk in drive---NOTHING

Help Please

Trying to get operating system on this machine for a school.

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September 14, 2010 at 21:58:01
Well, you need to get into the bios and check/adjust the boot order. For the Dell it's probably F1 for F2. But the manual should tell you for sure.

Then set the drive you're trying to boot from as the first device. Save and exit and reboot.

If you're using a 98 floppy bootdisk then choose cdrom support from the menu. Watch the text lines on the screen. The last few that load should tell you the drive letter it's assigned to the cdrom. Then, since it sounds like you haven't formatted, at the a:\> prompt type format c: and enter. When it's done type X:\setup and enter, where X: is the cdrom drive letter that showed on the screen when you booted with the bootdisk.

I guess it's pretty much the same procedure if you boot from the 98 cd. But when you run setup you may need to only type setup and enter.

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September 15, 2010 at 13:40:17
Can you boot off a floppy or not? It seems you must be able to if you ran FDISK & formated. I assume it was a Win98 startup disk?

Boot off the disk again & select "with CD-ROM support"...watch the screen for which letter is assigned to the CD drive. At the A:\> prompt, change to the CD drive letter, then pop in the Win98 disk. Type SETUP & hit the enter key.....

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September 15, 2010 at 14:41:22
If it was a bootdisk made on W98 you should be able to just boot with the floppy in the drive and just type setup and hit Enter - assuming the floppy is first boot. It is a little known feature of boot disks made on W98.

If it was a downloaded W98 bootdisk then the procedure given in #2 is usually necessary. That procedure will also work with a bootdisk made on W98. Usually the CD drive letter goes up by one (the normal letter being temporarily used as a RAM drive) but sometimes letter R is used. As has been said - watch the screen.

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