Constantly write errors and other types of lag in W98 VPC

January 28, 2012 at 03:40:44
Specs: Windows 98 (VPC), 1.6 GHz AMD Athlon (host), 64MB (given to guest VPC) / 512 MB
My Virtual PC, running Windows 98 Second Edition, has some kind of problem.

Sometimes, without any notice, the Virtual PC starts to lag - while the Microsoft Virtual PC software shows that the drive is being read. After a short while, a Blue Screen of Death comes up. It reads something about "Fatal exception 0E at (something)". After I press any button, a very strange Windows 3.1 dialog box comes up. It has only the text "explorer" and one button: "OK". After I press OK, it comes up with a "Unable to write to disk to drive C:" blue screen.

However, that doesn't occur instantly, neither always. Sometimes just these "unable to write" blue screens appear randomly without any sign before or after them. There is usually half to two minutes delay between each.

Any solutions?

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January 28, 2012 at 04:08:55
Could be the hard drive starting to fail. Back up all your files immediately to another hard drive or to optical discs, then test the C: drive with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software. The links are here:

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January 28, 2012 at 08:00:33
you only have 512mb, and your running a VM. That could be part of the problem. your machine could run 98, normally from the HD.


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January 28, 2012 at 08:55:58
Install more memory at least take to 1GB, then allocate more to VPC, 256MB should suffice....

There are other Virtual Machines available if still have issues..

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January 28, 2012 at 10:27:01
You do not report what is the host operating system (I suppose Win XP), anyway on my PC with exactly your host/guest configuration Win 98SE runs perfectly. Someone says Win 98 runs better inside the (free) VirtualBox virtual machine, an open source application previously developed by Sun Microsystem. You may take a try.

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January 29, 2012 at 03:39:37
Thanks for answers!

It used to work properly without any problems. Yes, the host OS is Windows XP. The guest computer has 64MB of memory and it runs fine without lag until this chain of strange events do occur.

I don't believe the hard disk is failing. The virtual computer uses a VHD, unless it can start to fail. And without any problems in the host computer with the disk.

I could possibly try VirtualBox. I'm still considering.

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