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Computer Stuck In DOS MODE

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I have called the Dell people and they can’t help me. I have faith that someone here has more sence than them. I was restarting my computer ans accidently hit the button that says “restart in MS-DOS Mode” How do I get out of here? I have rebooted 1000 times, typed “exit” and also tried restarting in safemode. Nothing has worked. Will someone please thing on this and give me some feedback. Thank you in advance!!


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  1. When you restart from the startup menu and select Safe Mode do you still get the black DOS screen?

    It’s possible something has gone into Autoexec.bat so try typing the following commands from DOS:

    ren c:\autoexec.bat autoexec.old

    ren c:\config.sys config.old

    Type these “exactly” (including spaces) and hit Enter after each of the two command lines.

    The above action temporarily disables the two files and Windows should start without them. They are only necessary for games etc run in DOS.

    To restore them, if necessary, use these commands:

    ren c:\autoexec.old autoexec.bat

    ren c:\config.old config.sys

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