Compatible Printers??

January 9, 2009 at 15:55:55
Specs: Windows 98, 500/256
Help---are there any printers sold at stores that are compatible with Windows 98.

I went to Walmart and Target and looked at printers but they all required Windows XP. I wrote down the models hoping I could buy one of them and download the necessary drivers but seached all last night and could not locate any drivers.

Can you help??

My printer died. It was an All-In-One Printer with Scan and Copy Functions

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January 9, 2009 at 17:43:50
I doubt you're gonna find anything on the shelves that's compatible with Win98 anymore. Try Goodwill, garage sales, freecycle, eBay, etc.

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January 9, 2009 at 18:47:38
It's true that there probably won't be any Win98 compatible printers on the store shelves, but you can still find them online. I did a quick search and saw several models of printer/copier/scanner combos which "claimed" to work with Windows 98. It wasn't clear they would work with USB 1.1 though, that would be something else to check if your computer isn't upgraded to USB 2.0.

Another good place to look for used printers is Craigslist.

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January 11, 2009 at 09:27:38
Shop for Color Laser printers. Hardware geared toward business is more likely to have Win98se drivers.

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January 12, 2009 at 03:04:47
Look for printers that use standard drivers i.e. Postscript, hp pcl4, 5 or 6.

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January 12, 2009 at 20:38:41
It wasn't all that long ago that Canon was still making Win 98 drivers for all it's printers - I think they may have been the last printer manufacturer that did.
Note that they supported Win 98SE for sure - they MAY NOT support Win 98 (the original version) - Win 98 drivers are different from 98SE/ME drivers.

If you go to a Canon web site and look up models with slightly lower model numbers than current ones, and confirm Win 98 drivers were made for them, you can still find places on the web that still have those models for sale.
Also, for the more recent of some of those Canon models, there are no drivers on the CD that came with them for older than XP or 2000, and nothing about Win 98 drivers is mentioned on the packaging or in the standard specs, but Win 98 drivers ARE available on the Canon web sites.

E.g. A friend of mine has a Pixma ip4200. That model was only retired about a year ago. It uses inks which are readily available almost anywhere you can buy Canon inks, and some new Canon models use those inks too.
It has built in duplexing capability (you can print on both sides of the page). It has an additional cartridge on the bottom in which you can load 4 x 6 or 8 x 10 photo paper without having to unload the main paper tray.
It comes with 5 inks - 4 are CLI-8 - Y, M, C, black; there is a second black cartridge that has twice the capacity - PGI-5 - that one is used mostly for black text.
If you like, there is also a set that includes photo inks available, but the regular set produces excellent borderless photos in a short time.

Here it tells you Win 98/ME drivers are available for it:

Here's an example of a place that has it, new:

As with virtually all printers these days, the ink cartridges have a chip in them that keeps track of the ink level, and in the case of these, it also keeps track of the number of cycles the cartridge has been used. You can refill them, but the software will nag you each time you print once the ink has dropped below a certain level, and after the cartridge has gone through a certain number of printing cycles - I found the procedure to turn off the nagging, but then you have to keep track of the ink levels yourself after that for those cartridges.
There are other options
- if you do a lot of printing you can get a continuos ink feed system that uses custom cartridges with custom chips and connects to bulk ink via tubes for around $100 with smaller bulk refill ink bottles included.
- Or you can buy a CLI-8 and PG-5 chip resetter device for $100 or less, and re-set the original chip yourself and fill the cartridge many times.
- or vyou can buy refilled cartridges with the original chips already reset from places on the web for a lot less than the retail price of new cartridges.

This printer has a built in printhead - the cartridges are merely ink tanks with a chip in them. Printersw with built in printheads are not ideal for everyone. You should print something with all the colors at least once a week, and you can't leave the printhead ink opening exposed for more than a short time while fiddling with cartridges. If you don't think you'll be careful enough about that, choose a Canon model that uses two cartridges with the printhead built into the cartridge.

The printhead for the ip4200 can be cleaned if jets become clogged - I did that a few months ago - but it's a fiddly process, and requires soaking it in a Windex (dilute ammonia) solution, then flushing it with warm water by means of a well connected hose.

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