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Changing Drive Letter For CDROM’s In Windows 95

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Ok, on a previous discussion (locked) it was said that you cannot change drive letter designations as shown in a “my Computer” window in Windows 98 or 95. This is NOT true. The change has to be done sometimes if certain programs are cdrom specific like games or Microsoft Office earlier versions and for some reason because of changes to your system the drive letter(s) is/are not right anymore.
YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO EDIT the Registry and do a FIND from the menu in the registry of “cdrom”. You will then see entries for drive letter in the right panel after you click find next. One entry shows for EXAMPLE “F” and another entry for “FF” a little ways down the page. Then simply change them. After that if you have more than one cdrom do a “find next” and do the same for the next cdrom described in the right panel of the registry. Change drive letters for all cdroms that you have in “My Computer”. Then reboot. You must be consistent and ESPECIALLY DO NOT duplicate drive letters between 2 or more cdroms. If you do duplicate, your computer will catch fire 🙂 JK….Windows may become confused however and you certainly do not want that!!!. Anyway I had to do this on my machine for just one cdrom and after rebooting all was right.. It was designated “F” and I wanted it to be “E”. It may be possible to do this with hard drives but I do NOT recommend it and I would not even want to try it myself. It should not be necessary to change hard drive letters anyway. If you are uncomfortable editing the registry do not do this as you can render your computer unbootable if you make a serious mistake. Remember all changes cannot be undone unless you manually go into the registry again and change it back, so take notes as to what you have done.