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Solved Calculator Always On Top Without Third Party Software?

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I found out that the Calculator application on Windows 10 has no such thing as Always On Top and I also checked with older versions like Vista and XP.
In my memory it did have this feature in the past.
I do have a working (physical) Windows 98 machine lying around but I am too lazy to fire it up now. 😉
Can someone check and tell me?


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  1. I’ve checked and the option is no where to be found. I do use the Clock from Win 3.1 since it does include this option, but it’s only found when clicking the upper left icon which creates a drop down menu with Always On Top line to be checked and that does work there. So tried 98 calc.exe and 95 too with no luck. Tried even 3.1 calc for the same location and all locations possible in all three versions — no dice. Looks like it will be third party version.

    A little more legwork shows that clock.exe is from the 95powertoys.exe installation file. Seems to be the only source for it too. Behavior is quite different from calc where you can either left click the icon to get a drop down menu or right click the title bar for a similar but not exactly the same drop down menu, font difference only. In Clock no right click anywhere does nuffin, only left click of the icon in the title bar gets the same drop down menu but this one has always on top line at the bottom which accepts or clears a check mark.


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