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Solved Bad command in DOS

September 11, 2018 at 19:35:16
Specs: Win98 se
Just reinstalled Win98se on an old CNC machine.
When trying to ping my server I get "bad command".
Started trying several different commands like winipcfg and still get "Bad command".
Did I miss something when I installed?
Please help!
Thank you!

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September 11, 2018 at 23:46:02
Sounds like possibly those utils weren't installed with Windows. Ping, ipconfig, winipcfg, etc should be in the Windows directory. If they're not there, you can find them somewhere in the install .cab files.

If they exist, make sure your PATH environment variable includes the Windows directory. It should anyway, but it doesn't hurt to check.

If the files are where they should be, and the PATH is correct, then my next step would be to reinstall.

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September 12, 2018 at 14:13:20
Thank you for the response.

After talking to the machine controller manufacturer, I used to large of a hard drive.
I installed on a 400 gb HD and apparently Win98 has a limit of 137? Now I have to start over and I believe partition the HD.

Do you have a link that shows how to easily partition a hard drive for fat32?

Thank you!

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September 13, 2018 at 01:52:58
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There are no intelligent links for this issue because the web is full of BS concerning the issue and it's old irrelevant data that neither MS or anybody else will address properly. The real limit for FAT 32 hard drives is in the terabytes of capacity and with updated files running on Win98 you can go there too. You will have to decide who you can believe first, statements that are different than above info are out of date and erroneous - they will never be corrected either. Mainly because 98 is no longer supported by MS, they really are done with it. For example your machine controller manufacturer is guilty as sin of not knowing what he speaks of when he advises that 137 G is a limit. It sure used to be though. He may be so outdated as to be of no real help at all. And his advice full of potholes that can ruin you data.

First you need make DOS capable of properly using LBA scheme while reporting hard drive errors back to DOS with application of update Q311561.

Second go here and download the free PATCHPAR program and install it as well.

Note that this second site is selling other patches for 98 and they are quite good. More from r loew and how to apply PATCHPAR,

Now you need to know if your BIOS and/or machine itself is capable of proper LBA use in the first place. IF it's new enough there may be an updated BIOS that adds this capability. So search on 48LbaChk.exe and pick your poison.

At this point you have only fixed DOS while windows still requires work done to it.
Nothing simple or easy either, but free is possible with a lot of digging.
Start digging here.


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