Solved Windowss Mail on Win 8 disfunctions

October 29, 2012 at 17:48:36
Specs: Windows 8, AMD/4 GB

I cannot get Windows Mail to run on Windows 8 Pro as I have on Win7 HP.
I am well and good being connected to by using another password and user name, and its working 100% on Win 8.

However, when I downloaded Windows Essentials that include their email program, the program fails to function by not being able to receive or send email from this Windows Mail client.
On Win7 HP, I receive all email without problems and I have Gmail to send me a copy of all email that goes to the Win7 account. I use the original email address from Brighthouse on both WinXP and Win 7, but the new OS rejects my Brighthouse setup criteria, such as passwords and user names.
There is no doubt that I must maintain my original user name, password etc from the Brighthouse networks regardless, because all incoming email goes to Brighthouse first, and later despensed to the other email clients.
What will i have to do to get Brighthouse emails to follow suit as it does on WinXP and Win 7 HP? In other words, I am unable to use Windows Mail on Windows 8

Thanks for any info you may be able to share.

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purdew 112

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October 29, 2012 at 19:35:07
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October 29, 2012 at 20:52:12
Thanks to T.R..A.

Sorry about the misplacement of my post that went to the wrong area.

However, I found the problem with the Windows Live email client.
I rebooted and went into Windows 7 HP and back into the Windows Mail and found the correct settings there. So I copied this correct info and transferred it to Windows 8 Live Mail.
Before I was ready to leave the program with the correct settings, I could see the hundreds of emails falling through the system into their correct folders!

I had somehow inputted the incorrect info into Live Mail and by using the correct settings from Windows 7, these files began falling like leaves from a tree into their respective folders, including all the junk email.

Everything is right on track as far as email is concerned.

Again, I would like to take the time out and thank you for your readily attempt to solving this hectic problem.,

Thanks very much.


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