Windows 8 laptop with Windows 7 installed

April 14, 2014 at 05:17:14
Specs: Windows 7
My husband bought me an Asus F552E for Christmas after my old Toshiba finally died, and i've been complaining sporadically about Windows 8 being a pain in the butt.

The laptop came with Windows 8 pre-installed and came with no installation media. I had "reset" going off the Asus manual two or so months ago, and yesterday I had plans of doing it again, as I have a work laptop now and I wanted to shift all of my work stuff off the Asus and wipe it clean. When I tried to reset it like I did the first time, it asked me to insert installation media. Which I obviously don't have. So I huffed and moaned about it to hubby before bed and thought nothing of it.

Today while I was at work, he decided to "do me a favour" and reformat my laptop. modified stuff in the BIOS (he told me exactly what he did and wrote it down) which enabled him to format the hard drive and do a clean install of Windows 7. That's great, I was happy. But then came time to use it.

I had to download Windows 7 chipset, sound and ethernet drivers, which I expected because I don't have any ready to install. But a few things aren't working right. I play a game on Facebook which requires Unity Web Player and it worked fine while I was running Win8, but now that I have Windows 7, the game won't load and gives me an error saying "Unity Web Player requires DX9 level graphics card. Make sure you have graphics card drivers installed".

My FN key also doesn't work. I had to disable the touchpad via BIOS because I use a USB mouse and the touchpad kept getting in the way and wouldn't bugger off. I can't change my screen brightness via Fn + f6/f7 because it just won't work.

Basically what i'm asking is, is there any way to restore the laptop back to its original factory settings, the way it came to me? I know how to undo what hubby did in BIOS but when I do that, every time I boot it just directs me straight to the BIOS menu.

I don't like Win8 but i'll happily go back to it if it means getting everything running properly lol. My major concern is not having any windows 8 installation media.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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April 14, 2014 at 07:48:15
Well that's a strange one, there aren't any Windows 8 drivers for the F552E on the ASUS support website, which means Windows 8 isn't supported on that model, only Windows 7 is supported. See here:

I fully expected to find only Windows 8 drivers, in which case Windows 7 isn't supported, but it's actually the other way round.

So I don't know what to make of that in relation to your problem.

You don't get factory recovery discs these days, you are supposed to make your own as soon as you get the laptop set up at home. There is also a factory recovery partition on the hard drive (unless you re-formatted it).

If that recovery partition still exists, you can start recovery by following this guide:

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April 14, 2014 at 09:01:42
That is equally as strange, as every time I go to the Asus website and input my laptop's model etc, when it asks for my OS, the only options it gives me are Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

As far as I can tell I don't have the recovery partition anymore. I know it USED to have one but I complained to hubby that my hard drive was split (186GB for the C drive and 258GB on a data drive that I never used) and when I got home to my freshly installed Windows 7 laptop there was only one drive, being C drive at 465GB.

I was thinking of perhaps buying a copy of Windows 8 and installing it.. I don't know. I'm so lost. I tried installing a game earlier and it told me my graphics card couldn't support it or something.. I'd ran it fine before on Windows 8.

I kind of want to strangle my husband right now.

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April 14, 2014 at 10:03:37
Phil22's link is the wrong model #. Best thing to do is contact Asus and explain to them what happened. They can probably supply disks to restore the laptop. If you bought it at Christmas, it's still under warranty, although what your husband did might void it. Anyhow, go to the source in this case Asus. Strangle your husband after you get it restored.

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April 14, 2014 at 10:15:53
Did you update from Win8 to Win8.1? And then again to Win8.1 Update 1? You'd better do so soon because Microsoft just announced today that they will no longer be supporting Win8.1.

Microsoft confirms it's dropping Windows 8.1 support

Windows 8.1 Update might change your mind about Windows 8


Microsoft offers two Windows 8.1 Update install fixes, but problems remain

As for your lack of installation media, most OEMs stopped including the disks a long time ago but included the files & software needed to create them. Unfortunately, most people don't read the documentation that comes with their new PCs so the disks never get made. And now that the hard drive has been formatted, you're most likely SOL because those files were probably erased. But you're in luck. Win8 ISOs are available for download at the following site (center column near the top). Simply download the ISO & burn it to a DVD using the appropriate software, then install using the product key that came with your ASUS.

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April 14, 2014 at 10:19:16
Asus I am sure can supply you with a recovery disk set, but unless they offer it as a download ISO image for you to burn, they will probably charge you something, though not as much as a new install disk.

You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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April 14, 2014 at 22:25:06
You mention you downloaded chipset, sound and ethernet drivers for windows 7 but did you also check for video drivers? Sometimes when the windows install disk doesn't have video drivers it'll set it up as 'standard VGA adapter' (or something similar) and you won't get the notification in device manager that you need video drivers.

If you're interested in keeping windows 7 you might check into that as that may be the reason the game won't run.

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