Windows 8 desktop crashing before login screen

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May 17, 2013 at 01:28:16
Specs: Windows 8, 3.2 GHz / 8192 MB
On my desktop computer I run windows 8 and just recently it started to crash.
Mostly it crashes just after bootup or before login, but some times if I manage to acces my PC it crashes when I open an app or just randomly.
Its frustrating because I cant acces my computer or do anything with it. But, like I said earlier sometimes it works, but just for a brief moment.

I have no clue what might be the cause.

Sometimes I have to restart several times, and then it might work properly.
It cant be virus related since I do regular scans, and I just did one last time my PC was running fine.

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May 20, 2013 at 12:01:37
Not e-nuFF info. Laptop, store-bought desktop, or custom build? specs? Did you check the CPU temp? Will the system crash if you enter the BIOS or run a live CD? If it does, you have a hardware problem, not software. Have you run any sort of diagnostics?

"It cant be virus related since I do regular scans"

Sure it can. Which AV program do you use? Do you also scan for malware?

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May 20, 2013 at 14:04:55
custom build
i7 970 3.2ghz (cpu temps normal)
8gb ram, (4x2gb sticks)
geforce 670 2gb (not overclocked, driver 314.22, it might be driver issues)
2 hdds, 1x 500gb (main), 1x1tb (secondary)
550w PSU, over 4 years old (might be the cause, but dont really know, probably not)

My system does not crash when I open BIOS, but hangs for long periods of time just before login screen, but as of now it works (somewhat), I still have the issue, but after a reboot it usually works fine.

I use windows defender, is detects well enough in my opinion. Anti-virus programs I have tried are Avast AV, AVG both free and paid, Norton (it sucked), and windows defender. Windows defender in my opinion is on par with avast and avg. But thats a discussion for another time.

but as I said, as of now it works fine, or at least better than a few days ago. I think it might surface again tho' and I want to be prepared.

Important note, nice pun ;) "e-nuFF", nice.


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