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November 1, 2012 at 16:00:18
Specs: Windows 8, 7037/32gb
Windows is installed on new Intel SSD desktop system. Intel engineering instructions are very specific: "run DISKPART to prepare SSD or the Windows installation will corrupt and fail". Microsoft Windows 8 support technician agreed to help me setup the Windows 8, just released by Microsoft this week. The 'technician' refused to run DISKPART. Within 8 hours keyboard became unresponsive and system folder access was lost in Windows Explorer. "Naturally" * we inserted the Windows 8 Upgrade DVD, hit SHIFT-F10 as per Microsoft-Intel engineering instructions, and let DISKPART remove the disk dirt, prior to installing Windows 8. The installer approved our KEY for the install, but we cannot activate using the Upgrade KEY. 2011 June Microsoft engineers acknowledged with Intel there was a problem with their UPGRADE setups not recognizing previous-to-upgrade SSD systems, and also problem with Microsoft FORMAT leaving dirt to corrupt SSD Windows installation. 2012 November and we have moved on from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Upgrade with the same unsolved problem at Microsoft. The 2011 solution from Microsoft was send me a Full (not upgrade) Windows 7 DVD. Solution 2012? No tunnel vision here, just want to get the Windows 8 off my system and back to Windows 7 so I stop getting nagged every 15 minutes for an Activation Key. But Windows 8 has blocked system boot to any Microsoft Windows DVD with the Microsoft ISO Setup on it. What the heck, eh?! Any brainstorm greatly appreciated, no virus defamations of the big M, and no fruit-of-the-tongue descriptions of that "unsolved problem" ... whatever that could be. Given Microsoft's chosen OS convictions, well, how do we get rid of Windows 8?

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November 1, 2012 at 22:46:43
Windows 8 setup resets BIOS to use many UEFI motherboard features ignored by Windows 7. Reset to Legacy, even attempts with SMART and UEFI disabled are no good. Just found out that when Windows 8 or Windows 7 setup DVD's are put into any DVD drive, Windows 8 will try to format them.

Windows 8 is a lot like a virus.

Looks like I'm stuck with another [bad experience lately] Microsoft tech to get this thing to activate... or remove it from my system. On the bright side, at least for now the "limited functionality" nag ware from Microsoft is properly installed.

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November 4, 2012 at 10:33:52
My experience with Windows 8 installation is quite satisfactory. This does not mean I liked the new Windows the way it was. Now I am using Windows 8 with Start8 from Stardock.

You can boot to a disk in a DVD drive any time you want. Your drive should not be blocked. When you want to install Windows on UEFI BIOS, then you must boot to the DVD drive in UEFI mode.


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November 6, 2012 at 22:20:26
Thanks Coolguy but not quite there.

When I put my DVD drive in UEFI mode, it is ignored in the boot cycle and Boot jumps right into Windows 8. If I set Boot to a standard I get repeating "Hit F8 or Retry". That "Hit" must be sys-synch for Windows programmer tongue-in-cheek!

Never mind stardock scam. That costs $50. Microsoft Support told me today they can remove the Windows 8 [virus] for free. Unix is free too, lol.

BURB take note: I am trying to reinstall Windows 8 with DISKPART per Microsoft engineering advice because Microsoft Support has "no idea" why .NET 4.5 and .NET 4.5 (etceteras) are setting up camp in my Windows\Users folder. Seriously! Thing I like about fudgewear is that surprises are never short on supply.

Tomorrow's support ticket would be discombobulated staff... doing their best, naturally. In spite of all else, Windows 8 rocks. I mean, who can't love all their attention, hey? I wonder what Tom thinks about "Windows 8 boot to admin DOS prompt"?

All we need is a simply DISKPART keyhole.

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November 6, 2012 at 23:47:03
"If a vendor key is installed on a machine, the only way to get code signed with that key is to get the vendor to perform the signing. A machine may have several keys installed, but if you are unable to get any of them to sign your binary then it won't be installable. ... Microsoft requires that machines conforming to the Windows 8 logo program and running a client version of Windows 8 ship with [ONLY! Microsoft's very own] secure boot enabled."
Next-gen boot spec could forever lock Linux off Windows 8 PCs
Google "disable trusted boot" "windows 8"

l.o.l. = love or lost

AFAIK this means when Microsoft Support glibly announces they can get rid of Windows 8 "right now", what they really mean is that on a tiny handful of machine models that they tested and customized 'trusted boot' for... "Please place your Windows 8 [virus] DVD in the DVD drive and reboot. [ho-hum] Did you say, Error code:0xo00000e9? Oh well, then your computer must be [one of 99.999% of computers that are] NON-COMPATIBLE [blink-blink-blink] with the new Windows 8! Please install a new motherboard or throw away that SSD, thank you. Good bye."

Error code:0xo00000e9?
Detailed [bumbled] well right here.

Okay. Here's a possible fix.
1. Pull all the data cables on my internal drives and unplug the externals.

2. Power off and then power on.

3. Power off and plug in the DVD with Windows 8 setup, then power on.

4. Start the install, but before it reads disk spaces (post verification), chuck in the C-drive data cable [sizzlesizzlesizzle...] or is it the power cable? [he-he-he ;)))]

Seriously! No worries, she's an SSD. This will total the boot cycle though (from experience). So reboot! On the "wake-up" [Intel terminology] she'll hustle right into the UEFI configured DVD Boot minus one trusted boot handle [virus]. WHAM! Run that DiskPART and say good bye, that hideaous last Windows 8 experience forever, as you install your new Windows 8 experience! Oh, buckets-full of FUN - **NULhack.

Does this all work for any others of you peeps out there?

... or are you all being hard-nosed like me and waiting for Microsoft to share out their Microsoft Support advertised "Oh, we can do that for you right now!" ...OOPS

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