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April 7, 2015 at 22:08:19
Specs: Windows 7
Had our cable company do some repairs, in which they took over computer on their sight, and when I got it back on my sight, the Epson printer was showing on Control panel, but will not work through the computer. I got computer and printer for Christmas, 2014, it is about 4 month old. Also, some companies to pay bills, I cannot get. If I restore the computer to where it was when I got it, will it bring back my printer. I did not hook it up; Best Buy hooked it up..

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April 7, 2015 at 22:33:12
If I restore the computer to where it was when I got it, will it bring back my printer. Yes that will probably fix it. But when you say ". . .they took over computer on their sight. . ." do you mean they remote accessed it or do you mean they physically moved it? If it was moved you might check to make sure it's properly connected.

Oh, you might try a restore point first rather than a factory restore (if that's what you meant). Sometimes a factory restore has an option that allows you to keep the files and programs you've added since you bought it. If your factory restore doesn't have that option or you don't choose it then you'll lose all your files.

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April 8, 2015 at 07:34:22
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Might be useful to consider your options a little more carefully.

As davincaps advises, a true factory restore may (very likely will) erase any personal files or other "stuff' you have installed on the computer up to the present time. It is (as per daveincaps) possible that the factory restore menu may allow a path to save all those files and still do a reset/restore to factory/delivery state.

Regardless of which it might be if there's "anything" you'd like to safeguard (files, photos, music, photos etc. - and of course accounts) then copy them to dvd; and verify the copies are truly accessible after you have made them. Perhaps even make two sets of dvd. Also when all is up and running OK again, develop the habit of copying/duplicating any "stuff" you don't wish to lose to dvd; and regularly so, and check those copies too on occasion. Even nicer is to an external hard drive too (two types of storage media are better than one.)

Then consider the restore options various.

Again as per daveincaps, there is the System Restore option; which simple restores the installation to a previous date - but does not go as drastic a path as a factory reset/restore. Windows has the System Restore point option and it is wise to set one immediately prior to the time you make changes to the computer (whatever they may be; software changes, installations etc...). Possibly you have a restore point prior to the date your printer stopped working and if so try resetting/restoring to that date?

The caveat/warning here is that the problem you had your cable company access and fix "might" return... But it depends on what that problem was...; so what was that problem?

The other option - besides the windows restore point routine is to uninstall the printer, then re-install it. Is the printer a usb connection only, or do you access the printer via wifi or ethernet connection?

What error messages do you get when trying to print?

Is the printer shown as online or not?

With this printer uninstall/re-install routine in mind it may be useful to explore that path first; as I somehow doubt the problem is serious "enuff" to warrant so drastic a step as true/full factory restore/reset, nor even the windows system restore option.

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April 8, 2015 at 16:18:08
Your best bet is to reinstall the printer. You need the disk that came with it or you need to go to the Epson website and find your model and download the Win 7 drivers from the site. Once you have the drivers in either form, go to Control Panel and click on Printers and Fax category. See if your printer is listed. If you see it, right click it and remove or delete it. With the printer shut off, either use the disk or click the file you downloaded to install the printer again. As it installs, it will ask you to connect it to a usb port and turn it on. At this point it will detect the printer and install the drivers. After this process, you should be ready to print. I don't know what program you use or how you pay bills, so that would be a separate issue. The other guys have given you some good advice, but it seems much easier to just redo the printer and not mess up more stuff.

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