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Why can't I get to thw Windows 8 page when I log on?

Dell / Xps l502x
January 17, 2021 at 19:54:19
Specs: Windows 8,
A couple years ago a friend bought a new PC and gave me his Dell XPS-L502X laptop. When I turned it on it went to the Windows 8 page. I didn't have to be on the internet. I saved some genealogy info and a few pictures. Then I had a heart attack and was in the hospital about a month. When I got home I didn't use the PC again for a year or so.

When I plugged it in again, I couldn't get to the Windows page. The monitor screen displayed what looked like an upside down rainbow. When I clicked the enter key a message came up, "Your PC is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this PC." I never had to enter a password before, but I entered the PW I use the most and hit enter. A message came up saying it was the wrong PW and, "Please enter your sign-in information and try again"

I tried a couple other passwords I use, with no luck. I know when I first used the PC I didn't have to use a PW. I just turned the PC on and ir went straight to the Windows 8 page. Why am I now being asked for a password? Is it something to do with me not using it for so long? I called Dell, but they said because the warranty had expired, they would have to charge for help, so I told them I'd try elsewhere.

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January 18, 2021 at 08:17:54
Did your friend set up the Windows 8 installation for you,
or were you involved at all in setting it up?

When installing and first setting up Windows, the option is
given to input a username and password. This option can
be easily skipped so that you don't need to use a password
if you don't need to. That is how I set up my Windows 10
computer. I have never needed a password, so I'm not
familiar with the error messages you saw.

Can you describe the upside-down rainbow in more detail?
It could be the BIOS manufacturer's logo, or maybe the
little circle on top of a half-circle that took me a long time
to figure out is supposed to be the head and shoulders of
a generic person. It is a very simple icon. The half-circle
could be what you remember as looking like an upside-down
rainbow. The icon appears on the Windows logon screen.
If there is a name immediately underneath the icon, that is
the user name. Either your user name, if you provided one,
or your friend's user name, if he did not remove it before he
gave the computer to you. A box to type in the password
should be under that. If you recognize the user name as
one you provided, then you apparently also provided a
password. Otherwise the computer wouldn't complain.

If that is the screen you described, and you were able to
log on previously without a password, you should just be
able to hit the enter key to log on.

Otherwise you need to describe the screen in more detail.
It could be the BIOS password, a hard drive password, or
maybe a network password.

By the way, when you say "page", the correct term is
usually either "screen" or "window". A "page" is part of a
website or document, such as an HTML document. The
web page you are looking at right now is in a window on
your screen. :-) What you called the "Windows 8 page"
is usually called the "desktop".

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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January 23, 2021 at 10:48:43
Just left the Dell PC mentoned and wrote eveything down and here's the problem step by step. A few years ago when I first got the PC, I plugged it in, turned it on and went straight to the Windows desktop. I was not asked for a password. I did not have to be on the internet. I used the PC at home and I'm not set up for high speed internet. I did take it to the library and used their Wi-Fi. It worked fine. When I got back home I turned it on and it went to the Windows desktop. I wasn't asked for a password.

Here's what now happens. I turned it on. Sometimes there is a password box in the center of a dark blank screen. More often though, the whole screen is covered by what I think looks like the rainbow mentioned before. In the lower left is the time and date, and below that are 2 icons, "Connect To Internet" and "Ease Of Access". There is no way to get to the Windows desktop. If I click "Connect To Internet", it goes to a dark screen with light gray figure of 1/2 a person, with a password box to the right of it. Above the password box is my name and under that is an email address I haven;t used in years.

For several months after I got the PC, I just tured it on and it went straight to the Widoows desktop. I didn't have to be on the internet. Now, when asked for a password and I enter one, it states, "Your PC is offline. Please sign in with the last password used on this PC.
I've tried all the passwords I use and non work.

I also took it back to the library and tried it again there a couple days ago and had the same problem.

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January 23, 2021 at 12:25:26
There may be some differences between your Windows 8
installation and the Windows 10 I'm familiar with. Also I've
made many modifacations to my system that make it odd.

"Ease of Access" suggests that Windows has successfully
started. The time and date on the screen sounds like it may
be the Lock Screen, which I very rarely see on my computer
but is normally seen, for example, when waking a computer
after sleep. If the time and date are in a large, good-looking
font, that would be it.

So that at least eliminates the possibilities that is the BIOS
or hard drive or network password that is being asked for.
It appears to be Windows that is asking for a password.

I hope someone who knows more about this can help you.
I just looked at a web page about what to do if you lose your
Windows 8.1 password, and it said that in your situation, you
will have to re-install Windows!

Do you know whether you have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 ?

I suggest that you download a small version of Linux, such as
Puppy Linux, and either burn it to a CD or flash drive, and use
that to access the files that you want to retrieve. This is safe
to do and not especially difficult. You may still find a way to
get into Windows after doing this. If you just want to retrieve
a few files or folders, and they are either stored in the usual
places or you have some idea where you put them, this is a
good way to do it.

Be aware that is closing January 31, so we
will not be able to post after that.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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