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Solved Webcam Not Found (NP305EA5-A05US)

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Good afternoon:

I have a laptop, Samsung NP305EA5-A05US. It came originally with windows 7 but I upgrade it to windows 8.1 pro but since then, everything works fine, except the Webcam. Every time I try to use it, I get a message that says “Looks like there’s something wrong with your camera. Check the manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting info”.

The laptop have never been opened for anything neither have fallen.
I visited Samsung site for the updates but the updates they have, I can’t use then because I get the message that there’s isn’t a webcam attached to the computer. Please connect it.
I contact Samsung but they only send me their FAQs which didn’t help me.

Can someone give me an idea of what to do.

Thank you

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1 Answer

  1. Mmm… I did a google trawl using the term/sting:

    Vimco usb camera windows 8.1

    and found this (which oddly doesn’t pop up when trawling Lenovo support section directly).…

    You may need to uninstall the camera first (and I would suggest a reboot afterwards) before installing the driver from above. But quite possibly the driver will go in ok as is; no harm to try.

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