Solved USB modem Hiro H50113 Not recognized by Windows 8

March 28, 2014 at 19:57:36
Specs: Windows 8, intel i3 4130@3.40
I am hoping you can help me. I set up my mothers new computer and unfortunately she lives in the boonies and still has dial up. Since the new computer only has a network card I bought the external USB modem for it due to high ratings and reviews but unfortunately I am unable to get online with it. The modem dials, goes through the tones etc but does not make connection with the remote computer.. I know the modem is working because I can input my cell number as a test to dial and it dials the call just fine. I called the internet provider but I'm not accepting that because just an hour before we were online with the old computer with a built in 56k modem. The new comp has Windows 8.1 on it, the user name/ pass and dial up access number have been confirmed, I've checked all the settings etc. so I have ruled out line error due to being online an hour before and ruled out the modem not working due to being able to dial any other number. Any idea what could possibly going on?? I have installed the driver for the H50113 from the disc that it came with. I have also used new phone line thinking that that could have been the problem and she had a very old phone line.
We purchased this on 3/15/2014 from Tiger Direct. It had very good reviews but still unable to get online with an error code 678.
Dell Inspiron model 3647 1 month old
Windows version 8.1
Intel i3 4130 @ 3.40
4gb memory
64 bit
Modem #50113 serial number 1342000928
I did a query on the modem and everything comes up successful except for:
AT#CLS = command not supported
It has driver version
On the cd I browsed the folders and don't see a driver folder for Windows 8. This shoud not matter though since it is plug and play should it?
Please let me know what step to take. The previous computer with built in modem was online right before setting up the new comp. since the new computer didn't come with a 56k modem and only a network card we purchased the H50113.

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March 28, 2014 at 22:24:15
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Plug and play means the OS will automatically detect the hardware and install the drivers if it has them. Otherwise you need to install the drivers according to manufacturer's directions.

The 'command not supported' is probably no big deal. Many modems don't respond to every AT command. The CLS command is 'select data, fax or voice':

It's probably a driver issue. You may want to check in device manager and see if it shows there. Try to install the drivers using the included disk. If it doesn't pick them up then, as you suspect, it doesn't have windows 8 drivers on the disk. Then go to the manufacturer's support page and see if they've included them there.

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