Solved Please help me recover my account

January 19, 2014 at 07:30:53
Specs: Windows 64
how to recover deleted accounts on my laptop, documents and everything, I was trying to resolve a problem on a Samsung pport Center on my my desktop searching the problem and happened to erased all the documents on my laptoop

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January 19, 2014 at 09:17:03
mmm - Do "not" try to install anything for the moment - as if you do (install anything) you will reduce the chances of recovering all (or at least most) of them.

If you look in the recycle-bin is there anything in there; not very likely but one never knows?

Usually one will use a file recovery utility which will search the whole drive and find anything it can and recover whatever… It may not recreate the actual folder structure itself but at least the files… This link goes through the basics in a very readable and understandable way.

and these links are along the same vein…

Some will suggest using System Restore route…; but it presumes you have a restore point set to a date/time earlier than when you deleted the files etc… If you have…. then you can run system restore and restore to that earlier time? This link goes though it - albeit in a rather length series of posts…

And this one is very emphatic that it does recover a lost/deleted account.

Have to admit I've never used System Restore to recover deleted files (user account) that way… So can't say for certain what the result will be. But you will need to have set a Restore Point that predates the date and time you deleted the account.

The lesson here - apart from being a little more cautious in future when deleting files or trying to fix things (and I've been there and "dun as you dun" too in the past…) is to have copies of your files and valuable "stuff" saved off the computer as well. Typically DVD at least; and if possible an external hard drive too (as relying on two different storage media is better than one…). Keep those copies up to date; and store in a safe place.

This may also work - but again I haven't tried it… In effect a System Restore aspect… but simpler to use?

Open an Explorer window at C:
Right click on Users and select "Restore previous versions"
Double click on the folder versions and see if you can find the deleted profile

The above is from various sources - including a post within the forums at

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January 20, 2014 at 20:09:41
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If the personal files were not erased but are inaccessible due to the user accounts being deleted, then a system restore should restore the user account and if all files are still there, then they will be accessible from the restored account as well. Certainly worth a try. If the accounts are restored but the files are still missing then running a file recovery programs like recuva (often recommended here) should help. My only experience with the program found common files (Word, Excel, Music, Pictures) but missed less common files types (much better than nothing. If you plan on running more than one recovery program or run it/them before doing the system restore, save the files to another drive entirely (internal or external) so as to optimize the chances of getting most of the files back. Many files recovery programs can be run from a CD because anything you install might overwrite an old file, preventing it from being recovered. I was working from a non-working laptop so I removed the drive and connected it to my desktop as an extra drive, where I had just installed the program and ran it that way.

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January 21, 2014 at 03:04:54
"Fingers" suggestion to remove the drive (temporarily) and connect via a usb adapter to another computer, to check for and hopefully recover files is a good one.

Similarly if booted up with a Ubuntu disk, one might be able swap the dvd out for another with a file recovery utility - which then run to scan etc. But it still needs (ideally) another location to which to save recovered files. Ideally this would be another (external) hard drive or a dvd burner etc.

Also (toFingers) "tak" for the confirmation re' using System Restore to recover the profile - and hopefully files..

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