Solved lenova problems with staying on home page

December 30, 2013 at 12:46:31
Specs: Windows 7
why does my lenova amda a6 homepage/tab pages keep jumping back to start page or photos? I am constantly going back to the top left corner and dragging whatever page I was on down. And I have to make several attempts to keep it there.

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December 30, 2013 at 13:12:46
Windows 8, I assume?

I'm not sure what you mean by the 'home page'. Are you referring to the home page on your browser - or something else?

There's a possibility the screen saver is maybe kicking in after a period of inactivity. If so, turn it off. A screensaver serves no purpose, since the demise of CRT monitors.

Otherwise post back with a few more details.

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December 30, 2013 at 20:11:15
My nephew looked at and unpinned various photo and shortcuts from the start page. That stopped it from going from tabbed page to start page at random times. The computer does seem to be adding the pins back on, so I have to keep unpinning the shortcuts. At least it is better for the most part. Thanks for answering. If you know why and how I can permanently remove shortcuts gone wild, that would help.

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December 31, 2013 at 02:43:21
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Annoying, isn't it...
It seems Windows 8 was primarily designed for tablet and smartphone users.
As for PC users..., well, you get used to it eventually, but it can be damned awkward at first.

Fortunately; though it be a bit of a learning curve, it's not too difficult to bypass the 'kiddie toy' interface and beneath the ToyTown veneer, it's pretty much as it was with previous versions.
Having said that, my wife can't/wont/point-blank-refuses to use Windows8. I had to fix her up with a Win7 laptop.

Re your main point: Programmes you open from the Start screen, don't close down completely, but remain open in the background - piling up in the 'floating' left margin for quick access. Microsoft seem to think this is a good idea... I find it annoying and simply float over the left screen area, r-click and close 'em down.
You'll have to do likewise, or just leave 'em be. You wont know they're there until you approach that area of the screen with the cursor.
Otherwise, learn to use the Start Screen as little as possible.

Apart from the weather tile, I never use any of the Start screen apps if I can help it. It's a royal PIA having them open full screen, then battling and failing to navigate to context menus, or finding a quick way to shove it out of the way to quickly access another programme or file.

An advantage with Win8.1; you can set it to boot straight to the desktop (though 'Desktop- is only ever a 2-key click away, as with all previous Windows versions)

Most of the progs I use regularly are easily set up as Desktop shortcuts, or placed on the Task Bar, similar to Windows of old.
You can do likewise by right-clicking a tile and 'pin to Taskbar'. It then should open on the desktop instead of fullscreen/smartphone-style. Try it with IE, if it's not already on the taskbar.

Other shortcuts? This is a little trickier. Maybe something for later, when more confident:
If they don't install and automatically plant desktop shortcuts, you may have to dig them out out of the relevant installed programmes file on the C drive; locate then r-click the shortcut and 'send to desktop'.

The quickest way around Win8 is to remember a handful of keyboard shortcuts (Win logo key+D etc).

Plenty of online tutorials/hints/tips re coming to grips with Win8. Some easier to understand than others, though all will be simpler than anything I try to explain.

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