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laptop restarting after showing the Acer log

Acer / Aspire 5333
October 29, 2011 at 03:24:53
Specs: Windows XP
hi, i bought this acer laptop aspire 5333 a month ago and it was working perfectly ,and two weeks ago i intsalld the new windows 8 preview, and it was working perfectly and three days ago in was repairing files and i thought the laptop has frozen since it was taking long so i forced it to switch off by press th power switch for 5minutes, and whn i tried to switch it on again it started to restart itself just after displayng the Acer log and says press f2 to enter setup but even if u press th f2 button nothing respond and it automatically restart again so i have to remove the battery for it to stop this, anyone with an idea on hw i can fix this+

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October 29, 2011 at 13:19:49
The Windows 8 Preview is intended only for test purposes at present. It isn't even at the beta stages yet so it will have many bugs and issues. Consequently, you are supposed to install it only a spare testing machine, not a new computer that you depend on to work properly!

You don't even know if your new laptop is compatible with Windows 8 for god's sake,

Put the original version of Windows back on it & it should be okay. Acer will not repair it under warranty if it goes wrong and you've changed it's operating system.

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October 29, 2011 at 13:24:37
owk thanx for your help ,so how wld i install the new operating system since the laptop is not even responding to any of my keys on the keyboard, it only take about 8sec then it restarts again

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November 1, 2011 at 14:30:21
Acer offers either a recovery partition (accessed by pressing Alt +F10 at Startup)

i hate computers!
but cant help myself....

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December 17, 2012 at 08:48:01
Here is a little write up on resolving PC with windows booting problem through MSDOS. Most especially PCs setup through restore, Easy setup or Smartstart CD/DVDs.

Problem: PC not booting to windows desktop environment after POST proccess.
Tools: HDD Enclosure for slaving, Windos OS setup CD/DVD and your MSDOS Tech.

Slave the PC HDD, scan for virus and backup data files.

STEP 2. Insert version of your windows OS CD/DVD then find your way to where we have the following options; Safe mode, Boot from network, Command prompt.
NOTE: This can be achieved by powering off the concerned PC abnormally.

STEP 3: Select Command prompt then you will be taken to MSDOS command prompt page ( Black screen).

STEP 4: Locate OS drive(Usually C:), then enter C: by typing C: and press enter, then type DIR then press enter to display C: content.

STEP 5: Locate Windows directory in C drive by C:\Windows then type DIR to see all in windows directory files.

STEP 5: Use COPY command by typing your Optic disk drive letter with colon D: or E: if HDD is two or divided into two.

Example; COPY D:\ C:\windows
ILLUSTRATION: COPY D:\ space C:\Windows

Meaning you are issuing a COPY command of MSDOS to copy bootable files from Windos OS CD/DVD to replace the corrupted files already installed in C:\Windows
Then you restart the concerned PC.

I am the originator of this guide. I developed it while solving problems after my several trainings on MSDOS.

In case of any challenge kindly get back to me.

Azedas Computer Technologies.

To read more on such an issue follow this link

But for this case you need your windows installation CD/DVD to repair installed OS that is having problem and before that check your BOIS boot order.

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