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Install And Register Magic Box Elite On Win 8

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I purchased from an individual magic box elite and I am trying to install on a new computer with Windows 8. The software for the magic box will not recognize the usb port only com ports. I need help with installing and registration as well. Contacted Great Notions and they could not help me. Any help out there please.


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  1. mm Hi – again; at least we reconnected via this one…

    Keep me appraised/posted on how it pans out for you – please. Academic interest at least on my part.

    The way to get a programme designed to connect/print via a com port (and usually to a parallel port printer) is effectively to map the usb printer to a com port (typically Lpt1) and then use a command: “net use” which allows one to access that Lpt via a share option. The setup and syntax is simple and easy to follow.

    Quite by chance I was helping a chum at my Lodge who has an old dos programme that will only print to a com port (to a parallel printer of course). He had been using a software interface utility (from Italy) that works well – but is a wee bit slow. By chance when we rebuilt the pc involved (it was riddled with pests, viruses etc. galore and had ground to a halt!) and came to set up the dos app again… we couldn’t get the registration of the Italian utility to work… Discussions with the Italian support site – a day or two later – pointed us to that “olde net use command”; pending resolving the registration problems for their utility The net use works fine and is actually faster than their (the Italian) utiltity so he’s sticking with the net use option now…

    I have seen references that it will work with Vista and also win-7 – 32 bit versions only; I have seen references that it won’t work with win-7 64bit. No idea about win-8/8.1… So if Magic Box will run in Vista and/or win-7… there is the option of net use; and if you ran the Magic Box in XP within win-7 it would likely print that way too.

    Possibly XP within win-8 VM (Virtual Machine) and magic Box may work too (via the net use command) – if win-8 is 32bit version?

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