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I Can Not Restore My Toshiba Satelite To Factory Settings.

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When I hold the 0 down and then tap the power button I get this red box saying the Hard Drive Recovery Process has been selected. I press yes or no or x it and it shuts the computer off. I have removed my password.


2 Answers

  1. Before you set about restoring the Toshiba to factory settings…, have you safeguarded – as in copied – all your personal files off the system? Typically to DVD but an external hard drive too is nice(r)?

    The factory reset/restore routine will erase “all your personal files” in the process; which is why I suggest you take steps to preserve them first.

    What model Toshiba do you have?

    Why the need to go the drastic step of factory reset/restore?

    This is an earlier post here at CN; note the suggestion to instigate the reset via Windows itself:…

    This one may be a better method:…

    Did you “ever” make the recovery disk set which Toshiba (and other manufacturers too) advise when you first receive the computer?

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