Solved How do i reboot dell m4800. i am not computer savvy

May 18, 2015 at 04:37:37
Specs: windows 8.1 pro
I have a dell m4800 which has been totally wiped. I want to restore to factory settings. Due to this machine being purchased second hand Dell will not give me product/technical support. The reason is I am not the person on record as purchasing this product from from Dell. Is it as simple as going to the local shop and purchasing windows ETC and reinstalling required programs. Would it be easier to give it to the local IT guy.

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May 18, 2015 at 04:54:59
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You could start here:

Once you get the ownership transferred, Dell will probably assist you.

One thing you could try though, Press F8 when the system boots. Just follow the instructions here:

Or... Ctrl F11 should also bring up the option to Restore to Factory settings.

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May 18, 2015 at 05:01:10
You say it's been wiped - which I interpret to mean there is no installation on the drive; but possibly there is (still) a recovery partition? The recovery partition is where Dell would have stored the software to rebuild the system; set it back to as delivered.

When you power the system up what happens; is there anything on the screen at all (including a brief message to referring to setup/bios or similar) This message usually appears almost immediately in white letters on a black screen; includes the instruction re' which key(s) to press...

Did you receive any disks with the Dell when you bought it?

Which operating system do you want to install?

Re' Dell and their record of original purchaser.. Have you contacted the seller (to you) and asked them to contact Dell to advise/confirm that you are now the owner of the computer?

Regardless of the Dell ownership issue, besides acquiring a recovery disk set - more on that later - which would allow you to rebuild the system (if there is no recovery partition left and still accessible) you could buy a windows installation disk - be it retail or OEM and start afresh that way.

However... if you look on the base of the laptop... there will be (hopefully) a sticker with a windows key on it... It will be an OEM key. You can legally download an ISO file for that version of windows and install it - using the key on the sticker. And this approach wold cost you little or nothing...

The ISO is an image of a windows installation disk; and you burn it to a DVD and boot with that DVD to start the installation process.

So have a look for that sticker on the base... If it's not there then remove the battery and see if it's in thatcavity?

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