Solved Has Anyone SUCCESSFULLY Used OFFLINE NT w/ WIN 8 ???????

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December 24, 2013 at 19:32:32
Specs: Windows 8, Intel
Has Anyone SUCCESSFULLY Used OFFLINE NT w/ Windows 8 (LOCAL ACCOUNT) ?....or any other FREE utility / option for a local account in cases where the user did not previous create any sort of recover disk, online rescue account, etc.?

(note: Ophcrack would not be a preferred free option since it does not work with more complex passwords, and therefore would not be a reliable go-to method).

I've found OFFLINE NT a Fantastic tool to remove forgotten passwords on Windows XP through Windows 7.

Recently, I needed to do so on a Windows 8 PC. The OFFLINE NT utility would boot the PC just fine, and go through the standard initial processes.

HOWEVER, once I got to the menu where I must select the listed partition which contained the Windows installation (which the utility would then proceed to use to continue the password clearing process), I could not specifically select or identify it in the list. If I remember correctly, there were 2 partitions presented to be chosen from. One was the correct windows partition on the drive, the other was (for some reason) the partition on the thumb drive from which I had booted to run OFFLINE NT to begin with.

Regardless of those specifics, however, at that point, BOTH of those partitions where identified as "partition 1" oddly. They did have multi-character sub-ids one their detail lines, which were one character different (one ending in A and the other in B)....but the prompt at which I needed to make an entry to identify one the above 2 "found" partitions was only ONE character long...and again, both of the listed partitions had the same ID number (which was 1).

Entering that simply resulted in a message which read (something like) "failed to locate password coding in specified partition"....

I have done a fair amount of googling using OFFLINE NT and Windows 8....and just about all of the info I've come across is simply including "Win8" in the list of Win OS' with which it works (ie "works with Win XP/Vista/7/8"...etc). but none of those posts recount actually using the process (or a how-to guide, etc)....Specifically with Windows 8. Any step by step example (or others making feed-back posts to the original post)....all report using it with other versions of Windows. But neither are there any feed-back posts in the negative (e.g. "I tried it with Windows 8, and it just did not work").

I've only had one opportunity to try OFFLINE NT on 1 PC, so can't really use that one instance as a rule.

SO....has anyone out there actually attempted and verified that this great little utility does indeed work (or not) with a LOCAL Windows 8 (and/or 8.1) accounts?

-THANKS Much for any feedback.

> PLEASE HELP OTHERS - Report back what did/didn't work for those referencing this thread.<

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December 25, 2013 at 07:33:49
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Are you asking about this? >>

Notice that Win8 isn't listed as being supported. I have used it successfully dozens of times on other OSes though. The program is very easy to use & prompts you thru the enter process, all you need to do is follow what's on the screen.

Try running it from a CD rather than a USB device.

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