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Deleting download history file in Chrome doesnt delete files

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November 7, 2016 at 14:11:44
Specs: Windows 8.1, Intel Celeron 1.30GHz
I juist started using Chrome on my Windows 8.1 laptop and have been going over some of it's features. Under Download History in Delete Browsing data, it says "the list of files you've downloaded using Chrome is cleared, but the actual files are not removed from the computer."

If they are not removed from the computer are the files still taiking up space? Is there a way to clear files from the computer so they no longer exist, thus freeing up space?

Also, when I clear cookies, are they clearing from the computer?

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November 7, 2016 at 14:48:35
Yes the files are still taking up space, they have just been removed from the list not deleted from your hard drive. You can find the files in C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads. You can delete them in there.
yourusername being the name of the account you are logged into Windows with. Each user who logs on to the computer will have their own account and folder where the downloads are stored.

Yes, when you delete cookies, they are deleted from the computer.

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November 7, 2016 at 15:05:58
"If they are not removed from the computer are the files still taiking up space?"

Of course. Only the "list" of downloaded files is being deleted, not the files themselves. They are still in the folder you downloaded them to. We have no idea where you put them. Could be the Downloads folder, Documents folder, Pictures folder, Desktop, etc. You should be keeping track. Also, if you delete files to the Recycle Bin & then don't empty the Bin, the files are still taking up space. You must empty the Bin.

Use CCleaner-Slim regularly to clear out all accumulated internet garbage - temp internet files, history, cookies, etc. You can check or uncheck any boxes on the left side, depending on what you want to get rid of.

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November 7, 2016 at 20:44:34
If you download a file, you probably do so because you want
that file. In some cases you might take a quick look at the file
and immediately decide you don't want it after all, and delete it.
Or you might use it once and not need it again, and so delete it.
If you want to keep it, you will probably move it to a different
location where you'll know where to look for it when you want
to use it again. But if you leave it in your Downloads folder, it
will be deleted when you clear the Downloads folder.

Clearing the Download History, on the other hand, just clears
the list of names of the files and the dates and times they were
downloaded. You can delete the files without deleting the
history, and delete the history without deleting the files.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

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November 8, 2016 at 07:34:45
If the downloads happen to be freebie programs then there can be a case for keeping some of them against the possibility that the program(s) might become "pay for" in the future (often with a stack of gimmicky features added for marketing purposes).

The sensible thing is to look at the files, decide what they are then delete the ones you consider you don't need long term.

Make a habit of knowing where files are being download to. It is your computer so put yourself in charge - it should not be a mystery. Using "Save As" is one way of getting that information.

Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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